pet peeve #888

when an abled body person would prefer to stand and wait

five minutes

yes five minutes for an elevator…

and then they get on and  they press floor #2.  they could have taken the stairs at least twice in that time period

that  seriously makes me mental.


that is all.
as you were.

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4 thoughts on “pet peeve #888

  1. jmjbookblog

    Lol…oh, bee…you are just too adorable! 🙂 It would make me mental, too…seriously…they couldn’t walk up two flights of stairs? Go figure! Maybe they had a pulled leg muscle…we can only hope there was some sane reason. 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      they walked on and off the elevator just fine!!! i really try not to judge, because you never know…but she just seemed so “able” you know.
      it makes me so mad! lol

  2. MoMoMia

    You are sooo not alone in this one. Luckily for me at work I have ppl who go from 1 to 2. And just when I think I’m in the clear someone gets on at 3 to go to 4. Grrrrrrrr!


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