oops i did it again

it must be a sign

lately when i wake up at some god awful hour…the same thing is on tv
even though it’s rare that i fall asleep to the same channel every night.

yes, it’s an infomercial.
yes, i stay awake to watch it.
yes, i have to talk myself out of calling right then at 4am to order it
yes, i am probably as hooked as i was with Turbo Jam
yes, i feel a void without my dill pickle chips and wine.

the infomercial i speak of is….

have you seen this little invention?
it’s the lazy persons way to kick ass abs.
i mean you sit in a chair for god’s sake.

i read some reviews…and they are really mixed
some say it’s awesome…some say it sucks…
but what would i say???

god i want this little chair.

i am open to receiving early Christmas gifts

have any of you used it/heard of it/desire it like i do???

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4 thoughts on “oops i did it again

  1. lb

    does it come w/popcorn – u could watch movies w/that thing — reminds me of that ellen clip with that chair – and she brings an audience member up to sit in another one next to her 🙂

  2. sarah

    My mom was famous for waking up in the middle of the night and ordering whatever infomercial product was on….so…I got one of these! Did nothing different than situps do….literally nothing. I actually still have it in the basement….and reading this…I need to remember to take it over to Goodwill next time I stop there to donate….so….thanks for the reminder! 😉
    If you lived closer…I’d totally give it to you!!!


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