Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

oops i did it again

it must be a sign

lately when i wake up at some god awful hour…the same thing is on tv
even though it’s rare that i fall asleep to the same channel every night.

yes, it’s an infomercial.
yes, i stay awake to watch it.
yes, i have to talk myself out of calling right then at 4am to order it
yes, i am probably as hooked as i was with Turbo Jam
yes, i feel a void without my dill pickle chips and wine.

the infomercial i speak of is….

have you seen this little invention?
it’s the lazy persons way to kick ass abs.
i mean you sit in a chair for god’s sake.

i read some reviews…and they are really mixed
some say it’s awesome…some say it sucks…
but what would i say???

god i want this little chair.

i am open to receiving early Christmas gifts

have any of you used it/heard of it/desire it like i do???

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