universe and u

did anyone else watch the season finale of Dancing with the Stars last night?

this is the first season i have actually watched this show.  i absolutely loved it!!!  (other than the lame singing)

i was/am a Kirstie Alley fan – big time.  i love that woman…she just seems so real.  and my god the woman did a cart wheel.  that just commands respect!!  i would totally hang out with her.
seriously…it was amazing how much she accomplished…i would watch her and think to myself there is no way i could ever do that.
she didn’t win…ya know…the trophy…but i think she came out a total winner.

i was in awe watching these people dance.  i am jealous of anyone that can dance, that has rhythm…
put me on a dance floor and i would so rock you with my 1990’s moves lol

these people were fluid…the way that they moved…it was as if their bodies were born to move that way.  completely beautiful.
and their bodies????  rock hard gorgeousness!!!!

i have always wanted to take dancing lessons.  always.  this has put the fire under my butt once again.
if time allowed…i would seriously consider looking in to classes.  Did you know that they practiced  5 hours a day for the show??????
a couple of friends and i discussed taking hip hop classes a while back…but that never did pan out.
(let me just say these were my thoughts last night)

so…believe it or not…the next part of this is completely related.

i was in a deep sleep a few nights ago.  for some reason i passed out watching something on the country channel…i can’t remember what i fell asleep to…but i am guessing Everybody loves Raymond…or Criminal Minds – although i don’t think Criminal Minds would be on the country station.
my point being…i am not an avid watcher of the country channel.

well something that night woke me from a dead sleep.  it was a song.  a country song.
i sat up in bed and tried to focus.  there was something about that song…
i stayed up long enough to catch the artists name and fell back asleep.  i woke up in the morning and completely forgot. (this is why i need to start writing things down again!)

it bothered me for days.  who was the artist????  why couldn’t i remember?

as i was sitting there watching DWTS last night – i was turned away from the tv, multi tasking but of course…
and suddenly…there was that voice…it was her!  i was given a second chance 🙂
thank you universe!!!!

i woke up this morning with a touch of dancing envy from the night before.  wishing and hoping i could shake my hips all sexy like.
I checked my email this morning – and do you know what was waiting for me in my inbox?
of course you don’t – what am i saying…
i received an email from a local dance school – offering me 86% off 10 dancing lessons.
no joke.
i think not.

the universe is in love with me.  i get small glimpses of just how much every single day.
if you pay attention…if you throw out in to the universe, the universe throws back 10 fold.

and if that weren’t possibly enough…the first status i saw on my facebook this morning was:

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. ~Martha Graham

true story.
i couldn’t make this up if i tried.

it used to surprise me when i felt like my questions were answered…from something bigger out there…
that things i silently asked for with a pure heart…and strong will…had the potential to become a reality.
that the universe offered me all the tools i needed…to reach my goals…my desires…my dreams.

if you listen…you will hear her too.

the universe is in love with me…
and i am in love with her.

Now…click here if you want to hear the song that haunted me for days!!!

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1 thought on “universe and u

  1. jmjbookblog

    That’s awesome, bee! I’m so happy that you will get to take dance lessons and at 86% off! How incredible is that…it was a definite message~ 🙂 I always wanted to take tap dance lessons..maybe one day I will…I’ll be one of those 80 year olds in black tights and a dance outfit! lol Have a fun time and let us know how much fun you have doing it. 🙂 (I also LOVE Kirstie Alley..I bet she would make an awesome best friend! 🙂 She looks amazing!


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