a day off? really?

i started to stir in bed at around 5am – there is nothing more annoying than that
when you can sleep…and are not.

i don’t make lists on paper…unless it’s a long list for the grocery store
all my lists are in my head
and hence the reason i started to wake up at 5.  i started to think of all the things i wanted and needed to do today.
i forced myself to go back to sleep – but when the puppy vomited all over my bed – it was game over.

today is my day off…although i wouldn’t know it.
i was downstairs throwing laundry in before my eyes were even open
can i just say…it is illegal how much laundry i can accumulate in a week.  i think i have a problem.
never mind the extreme rage i seem to get when i do my laundry downstairs – opposed to leaving the premises to do it
people have zero laundry etiquette and i am forced to become one of those angry volatile women
i have successfully put my clothes in the washer without hurting anyone…the dryer could be a whole other story.

i took today off of work to get things done.
sad isn’t it?
a full day off will help me battle all those things that get left behind
after laundry, will be a much needed oil change.
then cleaning…
i am so domestic it hurts lol

i might just go surprise someone at lunch…cause i love surprising people 🙂
and if time allows i may even fit in a trip to the doggie park

i was out of control this weekend
i ate things i haven’t in well over a year.
but i also went out and had an awesome time with awesome people…so it all balances out.

not sure if the gym is going to get on my list of things to do today…
but with all the running around and sweating in that damn laundry room – i think i will be ok.

my weekend of fun and food cheating was worth me being a domestic  goddess today.
no regrets

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4 thoughts on “a day off? really?

  1. musingmani

    Glad you had a good day off Bee. I wish I had a day off during the week to ‘get stuff done’…It’s just not the same when your ‘Do Stuff Day’ has to be one of your weekend days.

    1. losing bee Post author

      thanks mani 🙂 agreed! i would have preferred this vacation day as a rest day…but i had a great weekend…so stuff had to get done sometime lol

  2. jmjbookblog

    I bet you burned more calories doing the chores than you would at the gym! 🙂 I hope Kali’s little tummy is OK? I have to write everything down so I can let my mind free up or else I’d never get to sleep at night! 🙂 Have a super night and a great week! 🙂

  3. "Susan Says..."

    I’m glad you had no regrets! Your weekend sounds great….and fun is allowed, you raging laundry do-er. I relate to the rage. I had it before I finally got a washing machine in the house.

    Did the puppy eat something funky?


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