Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

willow tree

the scenery at work is beautiful i gotta say.

so i had my lunch…i feasted on a mushroom swiss burger – no bun of course…with steamed veggies.

i took a walk around our man built lake and just chilled under one of the many willow trees we have.
willow trees are my very favourite.  we have a long history the willow tree and i.

so as i was chillin’ with nature, i ran into our newest residents.  the picture is bad because for some reason my “zoom” on my camera isn’t working…but take a look.

I could have stayed outside all day!

baby goosers!!!!

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and so it begins

it’s going to be a hot one today
i could feel the stickiness in the air at 6:30 this morning.

it’s going to feel like 30 degrees…for my American peeps….we are hitting a balmy 86 today.

i’m not complaining.
ok maybe i am a little bit.

this is the first HOT day.

and you know what today is?
gym day.
and Friday the 13th – if you believe in that sort of thing.

I’m not even at the gym yet and i am already panicking.

i am a trooper.  i am gonna give it a go.

if i pass out i am sure someone will scrape me off of the floor right?

i was thinking that maybe in the summer…i can go to the gym later…
it is open until midnight – so it is possible.
but honestly?  i think if i were to settle in…there is no way i could get up and go to the gym.
i just don’t think that would work
there are always the mornings lol – yeah ok – now i’m just being silly 🙂

Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you have an awesome weekend…i know i will!

ohhhh….i forgot to mention…talking about happy weekends and all.  i was listening to the radio this morning…and could not believe what i was hearing.  if you were tuned in to 99.9 this morning you know exactly what i’m talking about!

you need to listen to this.  talk about busted!!!  Rick will not be getting a date anytime soon.  wow…click here to see what i’m talking about!!

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