breakfast of champions

i can admit it.
i don’t eat breakfast often.
i know that i should…but most times i honestly am not hungry when i get up.
it takes a couple of hours for my body to recover from the absolute horror of waking up at such a god awful hour.
(my personal trainer said i should eat something within the first half hour of being awake.  yeah…ok then!)
i used to make snacks.  once or twice a week i would cook up a storm and pre-pack little snacks to eat through the day.
when i had those snacks – i ALWAYS ate them.

and then i got lazy.

ok, maybe not so much lazy…as spoiled.

i just happen to work somewhere, where i don’t even have to think about what to eat…they just make it for me.
for under a buck 25 a day.
we have a very nice lunch program here 🙂

and if i want breakfast…they feed me breakfast.
it is that simple.

it could be why i started off at the company super skinny
and suddenly had 20 pounds to lose.
i blame katie’s peach pie.

i’ve never been a big eater.  never.
even now – although i eat dinner every night…i eat it in snack size portions (most of the time…sometimes i swallow the whole meal without even chewing)

for example…the other day…i bought myself some lunch (please refer to my green bean video i posted)
i bought that early afternoon.
as you can see by the video…it was dark outside when i decided to finish eating it.
and that honestly sustained me all day.

love me for who i am dammit.

i am aware that years and years of eating very little…or maybe not even eating at all has totally screwed up my metabolism and contributed to the fact that it is very difficult for me to lose weight.
i get it…now.

but it’s all good.

i have people cooking for me every which way i turn.  it’s like i’m the queen or something.
i will never go hungry!
(except weekends…i am on my own then)
so this morning, i was hungry.

i got me some breakfast…and this will keep me going a long time.  i don’t even know if i will be hungry at lunch.  that’s the awesome thing about protein.  talk about a filler-upper.

and so i present to you…today’s breakfast of champions.

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4 thoughts on “breakfast of champions

  1. jmjbookblog

    Oh, bee, that looks delicious…I thought for sure I was going to scroll down and see a bowl of oatmeal! It always looks like wallpaper paste to me! lol 🙂 But your choice is yummy! 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      haha, i guess it would be a bad thing to tell you i absolutely love oatmeal? 🙂 but i’ll take my protein brekkie over oatmeal any day!

  2. musingmani

    I can’t remember the last time I ate breakfast. Waking up and then sitting down at the table for a meal just doesn’t work for me. Come to think of it, I don’t really know when the last time I sat at a table for a meal was. Sitting at tables to eat is a hard thing. Setting a table and preparing a meal is such an admittance of hunger that the whole thing leaves me feeling anxious and needy.
    You’ve broken past that obstacle and you should be proud of yourself, Bee.

    1. losing bee Post author

      sitting at a table has never been my “thing” either. i preferred eating dinner alone. that wasn’t allowed in my house…but once i moved out on my own…i did it all my way 🙂
      i’ve come to find extreme joy in sitting at a table with a big (or small) group of people and eating together. i never thought i’d be that person!


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