i have some


there was a big meeting today…and as all big meetings go…there were left over treats.

my desk seems to be the area of temptation..seriously.  all extremely fattening food ends up right beside me.

most days i have willpower that would knock you on your ass.
this time the treats knocked me on my ass.

ya know, with the learning curve i am going through right now at work, and the stress this role involves…
i had no hope.


the brownie was mine.

i ate it…and i loved it…and i loved it some more.

today was supposed to be my night off at the gym.

instead i ended up there…on a mission.  45 minutes of intense elliptical…never mind the weights before hand
just to kill the guilt.

the rational part of my brain says chill out bee…it was a brownie….

the perfectionist in me…said…suck it up lady…you did it to yourself.

i gotta tell ya…i feel worlds better now.

that is all 🙂

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2 thoughts on “issues

  1. jmjbookblog

    Oh, I can identify with that scenario, bee! After my divorce I worked really hard and reached my weight goal…then I got a job in a small office…the owner would always have a bowl of goodies…pretzels, popcorn, twizzlers (my downfall) and of the four desks it always ended up on mine! 😦 I’m glad you had the gym to work it out…I just would go hope and want to kick myself!


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