rockin’ my socks off

i wonder how many calories one can burn while chair dancing…
’cause i do alot of that.
and if i must say…i am pretty damn good at it.

(i have also been known to randomly break out in dance in the middle of a mall…i can’t help it when the music moves me kids…ask the people in Winners lol)

i love getting into my car and driving if i have great music to get me to my destination.
sometimes…on the rare occasion, i don’t even get pissed off when i hit traffic…because it gives me more time to enjoy my music.

I don’t care who looks over at me while i am wailing away to my favourite song…or bouncing in my seat.
i swear…it’s worth seeing i am sure.

funny thing is…i don’t really get weird looks.  if anything i get a lot of big grins and it makes me smile back.

i am just a girl, rockin’ in my own world.
certainly all that chair dancing has got to count for some sort of physical exertion yes?

Adele has once again found herself on repeat in my car.  i am completely in love with that woman.
If you haven’t purchased that cd, i don’t know what you are waiting for.
i wonder what she was going through when she wrote this one…i can only assume heartbreak, perhaps love that was not meant to be…unrequited love.

i am counting the minutes until i am back in my car…singing her songs at the top of my lungs, making a fool of myself 🙂

Adele is good for my soul.  and my heart.

as you were.

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7 thoughts on “rockin’ my socks off

    1. losing bee Post author

      omg Bess…that’s a hard one to answer!! i love the album!! what is currently on repeat in my car is….Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, Take it All, Set Fire to Rain, Rumour Has It, One and Only and of course Melt my Heart to Stone from her previous album. sheesh i shoulda just said i love the whole album ehh? hahaha!

  1. jmjbookblog

    I’m laughing as I read this because I love to listen to music when I’m driving and I’m sure seeing an older lady feeling the beat must look really comical! lol I usually listen to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, or Bon Jovi in my car…not exactly your normal 64 year old’s music! lol Have a great weekend and fun motoring with music! 🙂

  2. "Susan Says..."

    Bee, that post was so happy that it made me happy. I loved it! And I did purchase the Adele CD…I do love it but my favorite song, “Someone LIke You” is so different than the version on youtube that I had to get used to it… you like it as much?


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