healthy? who says?

have you guys heard of the new drink Coca Cola has out there?

it’s called FUZE – shape?

i saw it today and thought i would check it out.

basically it’s flavoured water…and i thought i why not.

besides the bottle says it is a “natural health product” and claims “chromium helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats”

annnnd the bottle is perdy.


talk about some great marketing.

So i am minding my business…and decide to google this drink so i can get an image for my blog….
and then i start reading.
why i do that i have no idea. lol

article after article, some too scientific for my poor little head to grasp..but it would be safe to say that alot of people have poo-pooed this drink.

I started reading an article about chromium, and all i saw was “genetic mutation” and a million words typed in bold red letters…
it was panic overload!!!

here i was thinking this would be a great alternative to just regular water…and now i am wondering what the hell i just put in to my body.

go ahead…google it.  you know you wanna.

the drink tastes good…well as good as flavoured water can taste i guess.  I got the strawberry melon one…cause i am a melony kind of girl 🙂

anyways…i got half way through it…and now the rest is in the trash…where it belongs…i just can’t do it.

give me a bottle of water any day…and my 2 dollars and 50 cents while your at it.

that’s my story for this wonderful Thursday kids.

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2 thoughts on “healthy? who says?

  1. jmjbookblog

    YIKES! That’s horrible…and they charged you $2.50 besides! 😦 But isn’t chromium something your body needs though? Don’t believe all the things they write online…they make everything sound likes it’s bad for you…I think they really like to mess with our minds! For example, my mother takes Fosimax for her bones…I have heard some horror stories about what it can do to your bones…actually make them worse…so how can you tell who is telling the truth? IT’s mind blogging isn’t it? Have a good night’s sleep and don’t worry about the drink…there are people out there that are probably drinking six bottles a day…now those are the ones who need to worry!

    1. losing bee Post author

      we need chromium in very small amounts. we get it through processed cheese and meats…and i forget what else.
      the bottle says not to exceed 5 drinks a day.
      i am sure i already put so much crud in my body without even knowing it…i don’t need to do it knowingly as well!!


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