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healthy? who says?

have you guys heard of the new drink Coca Cola has out there?

it’s called FUZE – shape?

i saw it today and thought i would check it out.

basically it’s flavoured water…and i thought i why not.

besides the bottle says it is a “natural health product” and claims “chromium helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats”

annnnd the bottle is perdy.


talk about some great marketing.

So i am minding my business…and decide to google this drink so i can get an image for my blog….
and then i start reading.
why i do that i have no idea. lol

article after article, some too scientific for my poor little head to grasp..but it would be safe to say that alot of people have poo-pooed this drink.

I started reading an article about chromium, and all i saw was “genetic mutation” and a million words typed in bold red letters…
it was panic overload!!!

here i was thinking this would be a great alternative to just regular water…and now i am wondering what the hell i just put in to my body.

go ahead…google it.  you know you wanna.

the drink tastes good…well as good as flavoured water can taste i guess.  I got the strawberry melon one…cause i am a melony kind of girl 🙂

anyways…i got half way through it…and now the rest is in the trash…where it belongs…i just can’t do it.

give me a bottle of water any day…and my 2 dollars and 50 cents while your at it.

that’s my story for this wonderful Thursday kids.

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