yesterday was one of those days.

You know the one…

Where everything just goes amazingly perfect?

Like the universe was up all night, plotting with the angels, waiting patiently for you to open your eyes…to see the expression on your face when you finally figured out that today…

today was going to be your day.

Yesterday was amazing!!

I guess you are waiting to hear about all the incredible, life altering things that happened to me in a span of 24 hours right?

Then you must not know me!

It’s the simple things my friends….the simplest things make me happy.
I really am not hard to please.

I started the morning by waking up – always a good sign yes?

What makes it even better is that I woke up before my alarm clock.
This never happens.
I am not a morning person…and I hopped right out of bed, wide awake…ready to start my day!

I ended up treating myself to a wonderful (on plan) breakfast…
Which I am sure is the reason I had an uber productive morning.

I had a lunch date in the afternoon…which is always awesome.
I feasted on a huge, and I mean huge Cobb salad….i couldn’t even finish it all.
It was perfect…and the company was ok too 😉

By the end of the day…I was bouncing off the walls.
I still have no idea why I had so much energy…and why I was so happy.
I can only assume the cook slipped something into my eggs.

I got home – changed immediately and walked over to the gym.
I had a kick ass work out…I mean kick.ass!!!
I could have kept going, but past experience told me it probably wasn’t a good idea.

So…I raced home and headed to the mall…

Had my favourite meal there…did some shopping – bought myself a little somethin’ somethin’
(seems I had a huge desire to get back into an old hobby – pics of that will end up on the blog next door sometime in the near future)
Walked by Laura Secord and decided to treat myself to some sugar free chocolate goodness.

On my way home…still in energizer bunny mode, I debated whether to head out for a long walk…since it was so beautiful out there…
But once I stepped foot in the house…I decided I should allow myself the luxury of unwinding.

I took a hot bubble bath, got into my fat pants…had a cup of coffee and ate my chocolate…
Proud of myself for the amazingly healthy/productive day I had….

And then…

Out came the Smart Food sweet and salty popcorn.

Everyone and their mother has been telling me about this stuff…and it was finally time I tried it.

This is a hormonal girl’s dream food. –  and sooooo very not on plan.

So I had about a handful of this stuff – and the bag was put away…cause I could have easily devoured the whole thing…

holy crap batman that stuff is good!

So I spent my evening…going a little off plan.
Eating pop corn, drinking coke zero, adding awesome music to my ipod, discovered new artists and listened to this song over and over and over and over again.

See…it’s the simple things.

It was the most amazingly perfect day.

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1 thought on “speechless

  1. jmjbookblog

    I’m so happy you had such a fantabulous day, bee! 🙂 I hope the rest of the week is just as awesome! 🙂


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