Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

muffin top

someone at work was kind enough to bring muffins in today.

i guess it being Friday and all.

not only were they nice enough to bring these in, but they were also kind enough to place them right beside my desk.

did i mention i am hungry?  starving actually.

did i mention that i actually went over to the box and contemplated munching on one???

oy vay.

i know they mean well…but c’mon.  that’s just mean!

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play time

my life as of late has been all about focus, dedication and results.

i tell ya, it’s hard being me!  lol

but all work and no play makes for a very restless bee.
i got the itch.

bee wants to play.

i am on day 2 of feeling fantabulous…better than i have in 3 weeks and so i’ve got the fever!!

i’m gonna tear up the town this weekend.
going to meet up with friends and catch up, drink, laugh and depending on the drinking part…dance my bootie off.
(although you can always count on me to chair dance…i am the queen bee in that department)

my life is awesome…and i much enjoy the routine of it all.
i love my weekdays and how they are mapped out…and my gym routine….


i gotta let loose.  burn off some steam.

and what’s better than a night spent in good company, laughing till your belly hurts ( forget crunches lol)
and drinking some wine??
calories have no room in my life this weekend.

have an awesome weekend kids…i know i will!

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