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this had to be the best ego boost conversation of the week.  especially on a “fat” day.

walking through Winners and not finding anything i wanted to buy – except for those junior guess jeans…this is the convo that ensued.

i said: oh wow…i realllllly like this blouse.

she said: try it on, it would look good on you.

i tried putting it on over my shirt and the buttons were not even close to meeting…the arms were tight…boobs in the way.

i said: oh yeah this fits perfectly! lol

she said: i’m kinda glad something is actually too small to fit you!

we start walking away and i look up…and notice the sign

i said: oh my god…we are in the children’s section!!!!  lmao

she said:  i can’t heeeeeear you

true story
good times


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i’ve crunched the numbers…and they are off.
way off.

i realized while i was on the elliptical the other day…that i am doing way more cardio than i am weights.
i am not too sure how that happened considering when i first started, i spent more time on weights than i did cardio.

hmmmm, interesting.

my goal is to tone, not so much lose weight (although i wouldn’t complain if a couple of pounds just flew off )
in order to do that…i need to up my weights.
truth be told i am not a fan of the weight part of my work out.  not that i hate it…it’s just so hard!!! lol.  i feel good after (which i always need to remember)

maybe i am just quicker now that i know how to use the machines?

either way…i did the math…and did the unthinkable – got naked in a dressing room.
that pretty much made up my mind.

more weights it is.

i never thought i’d say this…but i love my cardio way too much to reduce my time.  the personal trainer told me i didn’t need to do much cardio, but the thing is, i love my cardio.

So tonight will be my first night.  i am doubling the time i spend doing weights.  if i can’t move tomorrow…i don’t really care, cause it’s gotta be done.

hello…we are mere months away from bikini season people…and mamma wants to go bikini shopping!!

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