note to self

dressing room mirrors will never be your friend

no matter how much weight you’ve lost, or how good you feel…

or the fact that you can fit into junior jeans 😉

dressing room mirrors are the devil.  the devil i tell you

someone fetch me my wine

as you were

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4 thoughts on “note to self

  1. jmjbookblog

    No, I’d need something a little stronger than wine…perhaps some Jack Daniels in Dr. Pepper…ahhhh…now that reflection is looker better! 🙂 lol

    1. jmjbookblog

      Oh, my…I must clarify…I’m referring to my own reflection in the mirror…after I read what I wrote I didn’t want it to be misinterpreted that I needed something stronger to look at your reflection. 🙂

    2. jmjbookblog

      …that reflection is “looker” better?!!! You probably think I’m already drinking! Should have been “looking”! 🙂

      1. losing bee Post author

        oh my god jm, i wish you lived closer!! i would run right over and squish you up you are so cute! this made me laugh out loud!!!!

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