recipe for happiness part deux

puppy and me have the whole day together tomorrow.

how lucky am i!!!

i do believe we will go for a car ride and spend time at the puppy park.
we will play, go for a long walk and get some exercise on the first day of spring!!

we will cook a fabulous low carb meal and cuddle…and maybe even watch a movie together.
puppy has been hinting at watching “Love and other Drugs” 😉

i was going to go to the gym tomorrow…
but don’t my new plans sound way more exciting?
i do believe so.

Happy 1st day of Spring to all my peeps…i love this time of year.

mmm…love is in the air…can you smell it?

sorry…iphone pics can suck, but there is no mistaking the cuteness!

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4 thoughts on “recipe for happiness part deux

  1. jmjbookblog

    iPhone pix or not Kali’s cuteness comes through sharp and clear…what a sweetheart…she sure is your Kali-licious! 🙂 Her little paws look like she has little boots on. 🙂 Your new plans for tomorrow are definitely better than the gym…besides…I’m sure you will get in a lot more exercise keeping up with Kali in the park than on a piece of gym equipment. 🙂 Have an absolutely awesome day, bee! 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      i must agree with you there jm….kali is a cutie for sure. god i love that little pup! and yes, we had a great time at the dog park. she made some new friends and ran around like a crazy pup! it was FUN!!


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