recipe for happiness

finding out at the very last minute at work that i got what i wanted 🙂

driving home with the windows down… in the sunshine

not caring if there was traffic ’cause that meant i could listen to “gonna get over you” by Sara one more time…
singing at the top of my lungs

getting to see some people i love with all my heart, even if it was for just moments

kicking serious ass at the gym

having an awesome on plan dinner

freshly ground coffee

sitting in my jammies surrounded by furbabies

sometimes…just sometimes…life is good.

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7 thoughts on “recipe for happiness

  1. jmjbookblog

    I hope that feeling continues right through the whole weekend for you! 🙂 The closest I come to hugging a furbabie now is my old faithful teddy bear! 🙂 Sweet dreams! 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      jm have you thought at all about getting a pet? maybe a little kitty to keep you company? you could always come pay me a visit..i have a lot of furbaby love to go around!

  2. Maxine's Daughter

    oh dear bee – how right you are for someone your age (i’m a stubborn old fart that took a long time to get there) and only a few of us “get there” – that place of serenity that knows no matter how hard the heart hurts at the time – that other people are in much worse dire straits than my petty little emotional problems.
    It’s the small things that mean the most….. i have abandoned (gave away) my automobile and am now on pedal power and light rail. I feel so damn free – better yet….IT’S SPRINGTIME IN PHOENIX!!! lol lol

    1. losing bee Post author

      zig, that is awesome! and i bet your ass does look fantastic!!! way to go! so what inspired giving up the car?? i will admit…don’t think i could live without my car – but that’s because work and family are far away


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