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conversations with myself

an important public service announcement from my brain.
(and a warning that the boys might not want to read this lol)

when you are feeling like a cow…
like you just gained 20 pounds over night…
when you are bloated and cranky and sore and feel like every mirror you look in belongs in the circus…
when you are aware that at least one day a month you feel like this…
where the first day of that time of the month turns you into someone you don’t recognize

please…please don’t wear something form fitting when you go to the gym.
for the love of god woman!
it’s like you have a death wish or something!
you know the tragedy that ensues.  believing every single person is looking at you and laughing…’cause how can something so hideous show it’s face in public???

considering all the walls are covered in mirrors…how on Earth did you ever expect to feel super sexy hot?

it’s the gym honey.  you are not supposed to look hot.  it’s your hormones playing tricks with your mind…although…yeah you are a little bloated 🙂
(but still super sexy)

chill out.  this happens every.single.month.
i am left here talking you off a ledge…and it’s starting to get old.
oy vay.

and no dear bee…mother nature is not a man – although i can see why you may think that.

so are we good?  you ok now?

~ until next month

your brain

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