no soup for you!

you know that post yesterday where i was just happy?
where i was just going to have the best day ever???
well i did…for about an hour
then things got ugly.
rip people’s eyes out ugly.

this blog is not the space to write about it but i can assure you i wrote allllll about it next door.

but there was a part of my day that i thought was appropriate for this blog.


yesterday, after the morning from absolute hell…i decided enough was enough and went down for lunch.
a break.

i do believe i smiled when i saw my choices.
the thing that made me most excited?

it was a soup kind of day.
it was a crap day…cold day…a Monday.
soup it was.

I sit down…take a spoonful…and it tasted so damn good.
second spoonful…
something quite foreign in my mouth me thinks.
i reach in with my fingers and pull through my lips
a gross, black, coarse thick hair about an inch long.
oh mahhh gawd.

gag reflex was a go
i don’t know how i stopped myself from vomiting.
it was disgusting!

i returned the soup, and the hair back to the kitchen.
they were very apologetic and offered me something else.
no thank you.
how the hell do you eat after that?

all afternoon, my body would just shudder…every time the visual ran through my brain.
i was nauseous all afternoon too
i was a write off.

see, i am a sensitive girl to begin with.
especially when it comes to food.

do you remember my road kill and chicken salad phase?
i think it took me months to ever eat chicken salad again.

if something grosses me out…that’s it.

so, soup is no longer on my list of things to eat.
will i be able to ever eat it again?
the way i feel right now…and the way my whole body just shuddered at the hair incident…
it would be safe to say

no soup for me…for a very very long time.

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1 thought on “no soup for you!

  1. jmjbookblog

    I can totally understand your aversion to soup now! I wanted to gag just reading about what happened. Seriously, did the women in the kitchen really think you would want to take a chance on eating anything else after that? I wonder how many people have this ‘hair in the food’ happen to them?(Not at your office but everywhere) I’m getting queasy just thinking about it! 🙂


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