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happy happy

as of first thing this morning, there have been 11,111 views on my blog


why does that make me happy?  well, for one, it makes me happy that so many people are interested in my journey and what i have to say.  or people are just bored and have nothing better to do than click on my blog lol

and two…11 is one of my most favourite numbers in the whole entire world.  String a whole bunch of 11’s together and you got a happy bee!
if you are into the spiritual side of life…look in to the number 11.

After the past few weeks, this is just the sign i needed.  things are looking up already.


the universe emailed me this morning…and said:


First, choose from the options that thrill you.

Then, choose the ones that also teach you.

And from these, goddess, choose the scariest.

Butterflies in your tummy are good,
The Universe

yes, the universe refers to me as goddess…it knows me well.

how’s that for a hopeful week ahead?

i am off for an on plan breakfast, and am going to try really hard not to complain about daylight savings time…as i yawn my face off.

I’m going to start off this week as happy as i can be.  life will not bring me down.

Happy Monday!

and since it’s Monday…let’s start off with a song that makes me happy.

click here to be happy too!

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