deep thoughts by bee

those of you that read the blog next door know probably three things about me.
one – i am pretty random
two – i’m pretty deep
three – my heart is pretty much an open book.

if you are a regular reader of this blog…you probably just know that i am random 🙂
today i am hopped up with energy…and perhaps a little deep…we shall see where this goes!
could be scary.

it’s been raining over here non stop for about 3 days.  i love my rainy days…but c’mon….enough is enough!
rainy days are for making love…staying in bed…or going to the gym apparently.

please note that the third option has only recently become an option lol

going to the gym has given me a lot of free time in my head.  i swear i come up with so many answers and conclusions in my mind…it even fascinates me!  my bath tub used to be the place where i solved the worlds problems…but now it seems that the gym’s the place to be!

there are only a hand full of things you can do while you are kicking butt on an elliptical.
you can watch yourself sweating and breathing heavy in the mirror. (i do not recommend this option)
you can watch TV with no sound
or… you can people watch.

i am a total people watcher.  people fascinate me.
even more so at the gym.

you’ve got the hard core people.  they are there to get their work out in…these people are serious and leave you alone.  i love these people.  and their bodies are like pieces of fine art.  these people are my eye candy.

then there are the people that you just know have body issues.  it’s kind of sad to actually watch.
there is a woman i see regularly, who probably does a half hour at the crunch machine alone.  she probably weighs 80 pounds soaking wet. She does the crunch machine and then runs to the scale to weigh herself.  she then gets on her cardio machine of choice…does about 15 minutes and then runs over to the scale to weigh herself.
this…this just makes me sad.

then you got the social circle.  you know…the girls that come to the gym looking perfect. water bottle in hand, towel over their shoulder…make up perfect.
they are either found in the corner of the room talking away…or better yet, sitting on machines gabbing away…with no intentions of actually using said machines.

and this is the one that gets me.  the women who carry their cell phones with them.
don’t get me wrong.  i understand that some have to…perhaps they have children or are waiting for a very important call…i get that
but what about the texting and working out.  you know…stopping in the middle of a set to text someone.
or being in the middle of a work out and answering a call…so you stop working out…to take the call???
can’t the phones just be put away for an hour or so people?

the best was yesterday.  as i am slowly dying on the elliptical…the woman beside me is on a social call.
talking away for about 20 of the 30 minutes i was on the machine.
how is that possible?
i need both hands available at all times…in case my body decides to collapse from sheer exhaustion!
also, if i were on the phone…while working out…the person on the other end might think they were talking to some sex hot line with all the heavy breathing going on.
so i ask.  how much did that woman get out of her work out???

and just a shout out to the spunky older woman i see at the gym often.
yes, it’s true.  i was fixated on your ass.
i am sure you could feel my eyes burning a hole through your pants.
to clarify – it was not because i wanted to look at your ass…but because you made me.
i get that you are spunky, and seem really nice and funny…and you always smile and say hello to me.
but there is just something so very wrong for ANYONE to be wearing pants that say “Hot Lips” on the ass…but on someone over 60…well…too much and too far.
i felt like shouting out “my eyes!!!  my eyes!!!!!”

the joys of people watching!!

but the best times are when i am alone in my head, working out…and i get sucked into a time travel vortex.
the times i have awe inspiring a-ha moments and see how i’ve grown.
realizing that the path i chose for myself was the only path for me.
that losing people and things that i thought i could never live without, are people and things i could never live with.
that my heart is whole, and my soul is happy.
that i have come a long way baby in the past year and a bit.
that i am worthy of having respect and love in my life and will never again settle for anything less.
all these life lessons that go on in my head.
i thank everyone who has been in my life at some point, the good the bad, and the ugly…for helping me become who i am today.
couldn’t have done it without the pain, or without the pleasure.

see now i am just getting deep.  I’ll save it for next door.

happy Friday everyone…have an awesome weekend!!!

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12 thoughts on “deep thoughts by bee

  1. Maria

    Ok, so I have lots to share. Buckle up! lol. Have you seen the movie, “Eat Pray Love?” No? Well, get busy Missy because I think you’d love it.

    Also, I had a dream about you last night! I know, cool hu? I dreamt I met you in person. You were working at KMart in the Customer Service section that looked more like a Jerry Lewis telethon setup. Anywho, in my dream you were TINY…like really tiny. We hugged and liked each other straight away. I was so excited.

    So, that’s pretty much it, except to say great post. 😀

    1. losing bee Post author

      Eat Pray Love???? i went to the theater to see it, own the book and bought the DVD. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!

      and i love your dream even more!!! how amazingly awesome would that be to meet up? you name the Kmart and i will meet you there! lol

  2. jmjbookblog

    Really enjoyed your post, bee. 🙂 Especially, the observation of a 60 year old wearing pants that said “Hot Lips” on the butt! lol (I bet she thought she looked cool! lol) Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      haha! and she was wearing them again the next night. i wanted to walk by her and say “hey, hot lips” lol but i didn’t. hope you are having a great weekend jm!

  3. Susan

    Bee, i felt I was there with you at the gym. I, howeve, was not on any of the machinesbecause I am way too out of shape.

    Do people kick the woemn who are sitting on the machines cahhting off when they wnt to use them for actual exercise?

    I am really enjoying your journey.

    1. losing bee Post author

      it hasn’t caused an issue in my work out life. if they see that you are even looking at the machine they are sitting on they move. they may be yappy, but they are also considerate thankk god.
      i am so happy you are here!!

  4. ElizabethFrank123

    Hey, please can you give me the link to your other blog? I feel like I only know one side of you and it’s just not enough ahah


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