Daily Archives: March 8, 2011

a sordid love affair

i saw her from across the room…
and i swear it was love at first sight.
i couldn’t take my eyes off of her…she had to be the most beautiful thing i have seen in forever.
all of a sudden i was filled with a hot desire…i wanted her to be mine…all mine.
i knew it was wrong – these feelings.
but i couldn’t help myself.  i just had no fight in me.  she had to be mine and damn the consequences!
she was there, teasing me with her good looks.  tall and slender, she knew exactly what she was doing.
i have never known temptation so strong.  she was on my mind 24/7.
it would be wrong to give in…so very wrong.
but it would feel so right.
how could you not fall in love with this vision of complete beauty?  and she is mine…alllllll mine!

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