oy vay

with all my red meat options out there….i decided on the salad bar tonight

and felt worlds better about my decision.

i am so tired of all the food here.  don’t get me wrong…i did love it, but i am so ready to get back to some sense of routine…and that would include a lifestyle of healthy eating and working out.

watching the sun set in texas has been an experience…one i could never describe in words actually.

the Capri’s and the flip-flops and the hospitality have been so very much-needed.

the beer…the southern cut french fries…and the ever-present red meat…oy…i need an intervention.

my driver hosted a party the other night…and made 20 rib eye steaks and 18 fajitas…told me i would never experience this hospitality anywhere else.  i would have to agree.  this of course was after his personal invite to me.  he welcomed me to his home with his family…after days of knowing me. 

i took in an amazing piece of american history last night.  scratch that…world wide history…as i made my way around down town Dallas…after another steak dinner.  i was actually surprised at my own reaction.  i fought the tears from falling…and i don’t really know why i became so emotional over JFK…other than the obvious.  to stand where he was killed…took me over, and surprised me.

i felt myself so caught up in the moment.  overwhelmed really.
so many pictures to prove it.

i am surrounded by amazing people.  and if my heart wasn’t so lonely for those i love the most…i could stay here forever…and eat steak and fried beer…and fried twinkies wrapped in bacon (ewwwwwww!)
and i would be a 300 pound hottie i tell you.

off i go.  i have a lake waiting for me. i have a lot of writing to do there.

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6 thoughts on “oy vay

  1. jmjbookblog

    I’m glad you got to see a historical site in person and receive the hospitality of a Texas family! 🙂 If only every person on earth would be that gracious and kind to every other person they met it would be heaven on earth! Enjoy the lake and the beautiful sunsets…I am sure they will inspire you to write volumes! 🙂 You are missed! 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      i have to say the people were amazing!!!! i fell in love with everyone i met. the bartender at the airport asked me for ID…i wanted to kiss him! lol

  2. mcosby

    I had no idea you knew so much about American history. I bet that was great to be there. I hope you got home ok.

    1. losing bee Post author

      actually, i grew up learning about JFK through my brother – he is a crazy fanatic. I am not a history buff by any means…not even Canadian history lol. but it was amazing to see something so big…if that makes any sense!
      i got home ok…and am so happy to be back. my last day there was not a good one 😦


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