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Portion control?

What is portion control?
I’ve gotta say that the Canadian definition is pretty clear.
I don’t travel often but when I do it always amazes me how HUGE portions are in the States.
My American peeps even agree with me.

People have commented on how little I eat and it makes me laugh. Generally this comment comes while I am on my second plate of the buffet.

You would think I would be used to this but alas I am not.

I have been eating quite poorly… Or quite amazingly depending on which way you look at it. I have half a pound of vanilla peanut butter fudge sitting in my purse as I sip my wine on the patio.

This blog is brought to you by my new iPhone btw 🙂

I am sun kissed and tired and full. All I feel like I am doing is eating… And so this week is a complete write off…diet wise.

I mean I went to a restaurant last night, it was Mexican/Salvadorian cuisine. It was amazing!  But tell me who needs to eat 3 enchiladas, and then have beans and rice, never mind the chips and salsa you get at the beginning of the night???
I would go on a hunger strike if I didn’t love food so much!

I guess all this Canadian girl can do is finish her glass of red, breathe in the summer air… And instead of complaining about being properly fed is tell you that I have been blessed in more ways than I ever though possible.

If he bikini fits, this girl is swimming tomorrow. That’s a promise.

Tonight I pigged out on a salad bar. Can’t feel too guilty about that now can I!

hope you guys are as content as i am.

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