turbo pants

i was going to blog about my night last night
but then heard about these pants on the radio
and well…the pants totally trumped what i was going to talk about.
have you heard of these pants?
they are called Turbo Pants.
there are a couple of pictures of these on the link i am posting at the end.
apparently these pants are made with 3 layers…i believe 2 of them being cotton and one rubber.
anyways these pants promote weight loss…and have been a huge success in Europe.
from what i understand, these pants are skin tight.  even putting them on makes you look 2 inches smaller.
talk about skinny jeans doing their job.
these pants apparently cause you to lose weight.
well as they said on the radio…they promote “fluid leakage”
these pants are so tight and multi layered that of course you are gonna lose fluid…you’ll be sweating in them all day.
they also say these pants will massage your skin and so in turn they will reduce cellulite.
its soft cotton feels good on your skin.
you can wear these anywhere.  you can work out in them…wear them in the office…
you can wear them for 8 hours straight.  but i ask…can you breathe in them???
seriously…who would want to wear them????  can you imagine sitting in your own “fluid leakage”?  sweating in places you would rather not sweat?
ugh…i am so grossed out.
they also recommend that you wash these pants after every use.
you think???
the one pair i saw, retailed at about 250 bucks…craaaaaazy.
and i am sure that alot of people will buy into this weight loss gimmick.
people!!!!!  weight loss doesn’t just happen.  have you not figured this out already?
how many people do you think will buy these pants and eat a crap load of junk and pray for a miracle??
smarten up people!!
take your 250 bucks and join the gym!
give me my sweat pants…and let me go work out…i prefer to leak my fluids that way.
not sit in my own juices for 8 hours.
i am completely grossed out.
if you want to read more about it….click here.

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6 thoughts on “turbo pants

  1. HealthierUJunction (HUJ)

    Interesting what they’ll come up with to avoid the real work it takes to lose and maintain weight loss. Why not just wear those jumpsuits that boxers wear to make weight and sweat all day? I’m always glad to hear about the newest weight loss gimick! Thanks!

    1. Izzibeee

      Like that episode of Friends with Ross and the leather pants! You’d have to carry baby powder with you everywhere!!!!

  2. Lucy Spender

    Losing Bee,
    I certainly understand all the giggles and mocking of these pants. They don’t sound so good. But, I have had a pair for 10 years (sometimes I forget about them for a few years). Well, I love them. I only wear them around the house. Mine are pretty tight, skin tight, but not uncomfortably. And really, I have never had a leakage problem from them (what an icky thought). In the winter, my skin gets pretty dry, especially my legs. These pants are an amazing cure! Yes, I sweat in them, but I don’t even feel it. But when I take them off, my legs are really soft and smooth. No amount of lotion could do that. As far as weight loss goes, I don’t know. I wear them for the skin benefits. Like I said, I have had them for a long time. I was looking on line to see if they were still available and found this blog. Yes, they’re expensive, but I love the results. And, the tightness and “massage” they give are pretty invigorating.
    Well, just saying!


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