Heaven is…

your bff bringing you a Chai Latte from Starbucks (cause she knows you love it and haven’t had it in well over a year…and thinks after the week you’ve had you deserve it)

and then also giving you a small bottle of warm vanilla brown sugar hand sanitizer from Bath and Body – again, just cause she knows you love it…and it makes you squeal like a school girl.

what a way to make my day…
i luh her 🙂

and what a total inspiration to get my butt to the gym tonight!
bad, bad chai latte, but ohhhh so good!

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4 thoughts on “heaven

  1. Maria

    Uh oh…we are again, the same person today. First, you have an AMAZING friend…take good care of her. I absolutely love people like that and cherish them. After a while it becomes a competition of how great we can take care of each other. 🙂 So, this morning…I was so tired from the last two, very hard days at work…sound familiar??? I just F-it and stopped by my favorite coffee shop who, a half a dozen people gleefully greet me by first name. Today, seeing all my old pals at the coffee shop was so fun and the coffee….the half caff, skinny, sugar free, non-fat, white mocha was delightful. Ohhh, I’ve missed it. So, now…I’m like a working MACHINE!!!! I feel amazing. Caffeine rocks!.

  2. jmjbookblog

    BFF’s are the yeast in the bread of life…the whipped cream on the top of a hot cocoa… 🙂 They just make life special! You are lucky to have someone so special in your life…but then you are special, too! 🙂


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