good god

oy vay

i blogged some time ago about my favourite eat at McDonald’s…
it’s the Southwest Salad and a large diet coke.
seriously that is like Christmas for me.

usually one night after the gym i will get that for dinner.
i think why not – it’s a salad right?
how bad can it be??

you wanna know how bad it can be?  just download the nutritional information from McDonald’s…see for yourself.
oh lord.
i don’t know what inspired me to do something that stupid.

i would have much preferred never knowing…and carrying on in my own little bubble.

ugh..what am i to do now?

and really…how dumb do i feel believing even fast food places have relatively healthy things on the menu????

i am hooked on these salads…how do i just stop??

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4 thoughts on “good god

  1. jmjbookblog

    Well, you sure put me in shock! I would have thought a salad would be great for you and low in calories…where are all the fat and calories coming from? The salad dressing? 😦

    1. losing bee Post author

      thank god i don’t count the calories or fat intake in my food. i worry more so about the carbs. BUT…the dressing is fattening. what concerns me the most is the chicken. if you decide not to get GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST it goes down 8 carbs. EIGHT CARBS!!!! plain chicken breast is supposed to have zero carbs, so i wonder what the heck they put in it!!!


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