Daily Archives: February 18, 2011

i’m a chicken

that is what i am
a chicken

remember when i joined the gym a month ago i was tres excited about the classes?
i couldn’t wait to dive in and fill my nights with class after class?

well i haven’t taken a class yet…and i am not too sure if i ever will!

there were weekends where i woke up early enough to attend some classes, but would panic at the last second and just go to the gym and work out.

i didn’t just come to the decision to be “afraid”
no-no, the instructors put the fear in me.

there have been a couple of times that i have been at the gym working out
and there has been a class going on at the same time.

with the room being relatively close to the room i work out in…i can hear pretty much everything.

the classes i heard were not pleasant-sounding.
these instructors must have taken some Hitler 101 courses…cause they were yelling at people…
and not just randomly yelling…yelling at people individually.

see…that just doesn’t work for me.

i don’t want to be singled out…and i really don’t want to be yelled at.
i am a sensitive soul lol

i want to be like a chameleon and blend in to my surroundings.
not called out on everything i CAN’T do
nuh – uh
no thank you.
i just want to take a class and do it at my own pace, my own comfort level…until i know what the hell i am doing

i get the whole pushing your physical limits.

but i am afraid i am way too chicken to put myself in that situation.

i am still debating the yoga classes
i am sure Hitler doesn’t run those.
and if she does…that’s some new kind of yoga people!

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