fetch me my bikini

so i have gone and made my decision…unless someone here is going to try and sway me!
i’ve been wanting to get away for a while now…and the opportunity to do so has come up.
oh universe…i love you.
see…put things out into the universe…and you may just get exactly what you want.
i’ll get into things at the blog next door…i am not going into details of my trip here.  i am just going to tell you why i made the decision i made.
I had two destinations in mind.
My first choice was New York.  Hello…i love New York!!  i could most certainly go into debt in New York and not mind one bit 🙂
and so my mind was made up.
then, another location was presented to me…and i started to think…(say it with me – SHOCKER!)
how long have i been bitching about the cold??  so why do i want to leave somewhere cold, to go somewhere cold?
if i am going anywhere…i am heading to the warmth.
so what did i base my decision on???
honestly?  do you really want to know.
obviously…the weather.  somewhere i can get out and about and get my exercise…and swim out doors.
and what sealed the deal??? 
the food.
anywhere i choose to dine will be completely low carb friendly…i will have all the meat my little heart desires…and beans lol
think about it…steak, or prime rib every night for dinner???
besides i have already been to New York.
kids, i am off to Texas.
(that is if no one tries to talk me into New York lol)
almost done booking everything…
TEXAS!  who knew.
what’s the world here for if i can’t explore it?

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2 thoughts on “fetch me my bikini

  1. jmjbookblog

    Don’t forget to pack a ten gallon hat! 🙂 Have some great ‘ole Texas fun! 🙂 I’m so happy for you to go toward the warmth! 🙂 I am counting the days until spring is finally here. 🙂


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