the weight of the world

i was at the gym the other day (i think that alot of my posts may start this way lol)

anyways… just for fun i went over to the weights, and started looking for a certain number.
i was looking for 2 specific weights that would total my weight loss thus far.

(see what “fun” is to me now? lol)

so i found two weights and walked over to my friend…and asked her to hold ’em
her arms dropped at the weight and she looked at me as if i was cracked out and asked what she was supposed to do with them.

i haven’t shared my weight loss publicly.  only a select few know exactly how much i have lost…seriously i can count on one hand
and she would be one of them.

so i told her…that’s the amount of weight i lost.  she said it was impossible.
but numbers don’t lie…it was very true…to my absolute embarrassment.

you know..we both couldn’t believe it.

the weights were heavy.  i mean…even 5 pound weights get heavy after 3 sets…
and these were much more than 5 pounds.

and i got to thinking (shocker)
i probably could not lift that weight without struggling. seriously, i have come to accept the fact that i am quite the weakling.

so how did i lug that weight around every single day of my life????

i guess the weight loss has been so gradual, but when you are there, holding that number in your hands..and feel weighted down’s an eye opener.

things that make you go hmmm.

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7 thoughts on “the weight of the world

  1. Maria

    I don’t know if you have the show, Biggest Loser in Canada, but I watch it religiously here. Towards the end of the season they have a challenge where the contestants have to put the weight back on that they had lost in the form of weights in vests, ankle weights, etc….I think that’s my favorite part of the show…that and the makeovers. But I think about that myself. How did I carry all that weight around? I’m like a little weakling now…I couldn’t pick 80 pounds up if I wanted to. Weird.

    1. losing bee Post author

      yes we have that show. i don’t watch it often but we were just talking about the same thing at work the other day…how they actually have to work out with the weight that they’ve lost attached to them
      i could not imagine!!!!

  2. Susan

    This makes me go more than “hmmmmm.” It makes me want to give you a high five!! Way to go, Bee….I agree about the shcok of how heavy the lost weight is. I usually calcualte it in five pound sacks of sugar….those are damn heavy.

    Keep up the good work, baby!

    1. losing bee Post author

      thanks Susan!! i want to think of a creative way to show how much weight i’ve lost. perhaps i will bake my weight in cookies lol. well…not MY weight, but the weight i lost. lol

  3. jmjbookblog

    Isn’t it amazing how it doesn’t seem as heavy when it’s distributed over a body…did you see when Oprah lost like 60 lbs. and she pulled 60 of fat onto the stage in a little red wagon? It was mind boggling! Congratulations on your success! 🙂 You Rock!


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