boo to food

there was nothing i wanted for lunch today
not a thing
everything being served was something i shouldn’t be eating
and more importantly it was nothing i wanted.
so i was stuck with soup broth and of course my cucumber and cheese.
sometimes i get so bored with food.  all food.
where nothing appeals to me…at all.
it’s not a low carb thing…it’s just a food thing.
everything makes me scrunch up my face and stick out my tongue
which i am sure may have offended my wonderful lunch lady.
lunch was a struggle.  i wonder what dinner’s gonna be like.
i don’t care ’cause i just have two more sleeps…till my life becomes even more wonderful…if that is even possible!!!
can i get a woot woot!

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6 thoughts on “boo to food

  1. jmjbookblog

    Woot! Woot! I’m curious now…what dd you have for dinner? lol The only time I don’t find food appetizing is if I am not feeling well…otherwise, I’ll eat anything! lol 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      lol, i can be such a picky eater! and if nothing really pleases me i get really annoyed cause then i am just eating for eating – not enjoying!
      i was bad last night. the only thing that remotely interested me was a Quesadilla!! bad bad me!

  2. Maxine's Daughter

    well, i know i am not you, but i would brown bag it if all the choices are dismal…… bag of greens, can of good tuna, ( bragg liquid aminos, balsamic vinegar, good oil for dressing) and voila!! instant lunch. add a couple rye crisp or wasa or a little trail mix for crunch – and i’m good to go. just a suggestion. zig

    1. losing bee Post author

      zig, that’s an awesome idea, but i am on a pretty good lunch program here. they do offer tuna and other good foods…i just wasn’t in the mood for any of ’em!


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