stick a fork in me

’cause i am done!
i feel like this cute little baby…all chunky monkey like!
one of the things my personal trainer told me is…
i don’t eat enough.
Apparently…3 meals a day and a snack…or possibly 2 during the day is not enough.
who knew???
i get it.  i know how metabolisms work…and i know that mine is shot to hell.
but i really thought i was eating enough.
besides, i live by the rule – i eat when i am hungry!  doesn’t sound wrong does it?
It makes sense what she told me…how and when to eat.
she wants me eating 15 min after i wake up.  okay…i can’t do anything 15 minutes after i wake up.
my life is so routined…i am up at 6:30, out the door to walk the dog, hop in the shower and get ready for work then run to my car with coffee in hand and get to work.
once i settle in to work…my tummy is ready to go.  by that time it is after 9.
Apparently this schedule of eating is wrong.
i don’t know about you but the last thing i want to think about is breakfast.
it makes me feel a little hurl-ish first thing in the morning.
anywhooo.  i have been taking her advice.  i am eating something small every couple of hours.
even when i am not hungry i give myself a small snack
i am constantly eating – unlike my friend M 🙂
but i am feeling so full.  constantly full.
and maybe that’s the point
maybe that’s what it’s all about
but it just seems like tooooooo much
i feel like i am always eating
which in turn makes me feel a little sow-ish
but…i said i’d give it a go…and so a go it is
i give it a month
and if someone needs to roll me to my destination ’cause i can’t move
all bets are off.

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2 thoughts on “stick a fork in me

  1. Maria

    LMAO!!! 😉 My diet failures took a positive, right turn when I started eating every 2 hours. I found I kept the weight off AND…I could eat even more and still continue to lose weight. Even now on 500, I eat every 2 hours…it’s not much, but it gives my stomach something to do for a minute or two. LOL!!!


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