prom dress

there seems to be a theme going on with my blog this week


After trying on my sexy black dress and it fitting…i went on a crazy mission.
which by the way…a few of you have asked to see pics of the black dress. i do not have any pictures of me…but others do.  i have no idea how to get them…
but do not be sad…this post has pictures!  lol

enter the prom dress.

yes, i still have my prom dress.  i just can’t seem to part with it.

when my parents were moving house my mom asked if i wanted the dress…if i didn’t…she was going to throw it away.
i almost had a coronary!!!
throw it away???  i don’t think so.
So this dress has been occupying space in my closet…for many many years.

I remember when i saw the dress. it had to be mine.  it was so pretty i could have cried.
never mind that it was a little snug.  i was under 20, i could lose weight in the blink of an eye.
my poor parents didn’t say no…and dropped 200 bucks for this dress…because i wanted it.
200 bucks – almost 2 decades ago.  craaaaaazy.
oh…and i still have the matching shoes.

here i am on the eve of my prom:

how hot am i??  lol.  that’s my date.  J.K.  i wonder what ever happened to him!
so yes…this was me…almost 20 years ago…and yup..i paid for that hair!

I haven’t tried that dress on since my prom.

So since i was on a roll that night..out came the prom dress 🙂

I slipped the plastic off of it…and it looked as pretty as the day i saw it.
not only that…amazingly it still smelled like my childhood home
(that’s gotta be the best smell in the world!!)

And…as you probably already guessed….
the dress fit!!!!

I can’t even begin to explain in words how crazy happy i was!!!!
it was really late at night so there was no one i could call and tell.
i wanted to tell the world!!!!
so i told all the animals…but i don’t think they gave a rats ass.  they were more impressed with the plastic cover.

I wore this dress almost 20 years ago…when i was tiny
and it fit!!!!

So of course…what’s a girl to do other than document the proof.
so i took a picture.

it’s not easy taking a full length picture of yourself.
but here i am:

notice my little feline in the corner of the mirror?
he’s such a ham lol

sadly…i am all out of dresses to try.

what a blast from the past though 🙂
yay for 20 year old dresses fitting!

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10 thoughts on “prom dress

  1. Maria

    I love that the animals liked the bag more than the dress, that made me LOL. I also love that you took a picture of you in it….I gotta be honest, I was a tiny bit skeptical…but holy shit, there you are, in that adorable dress. Tiny. Nice. Love the kitty too. Your post made me smile. 😀

  2. Maxine's Daughter

    HOT HOT HOT!!! you must have to be beating them away from you with a big stick. Love the “before” hairdo too. how long did it take to put that together? just kidding..sitting here at the ‘puter procrastinating. you made my day.

  3. elizabethfrank123

    That’s amazing!! Oh it’s so pretty!! I have my prom dress from 2 years ago but haven’t worn it since, i’m too scared to try it on again.
    I have another prom coming this summer, I’m excited to go dress shopping again 🙂


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