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a friendly reminder

Hi all!

Just reminding you to tune in to Ellen today and watch my crazy happy friend go mental!  lol

I have watched the preview about a million times…i can’t stop myself!!!!

I can’t wait to get home and see the whole thing.  thank god for time shifting channels 🙂

Happy Monday!

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the ellen show

if you do one thing this Monday…it should be….
watching the Ellen show!!!

my crazy, tiny, funny, beautiful friend will be on there!!!

She submiited a photo of her from grade 9.
Holy hair!!!!
I guess this segment is about really bad hair…cause this is reallllly bad hair lol

i think she submitted her pic, and the Ellen show contacted her right away and flew her right out.

For years i have been wanting to get to meet Ellen..who knew the secret was in big hair?
had i known that i wouldn’t have been so against it when i was younger.
you know what they say…the higher the hair, the closer to god 🙂

she has crazy, amazing energy…it’s difficult to ever be in a bad mood around her.

Congrats Keri!!  you totally rock my socks!!!
Will you still love me when you are famous? lol

take a look at this clip and you will see exactly what i mean – click here.

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yesterday was just one of those days.

the kind where you have a perma grin on your face, no matter how many complicated things are thrown your way.
a complete 180 from the day before.

i could probably make a million posts out of the past 24 hours…but i shall only post one here.

i received two compliments that stuck with me yesterday.
no, nothing about my physical transformation, or my willpower, or anything related to health and weight loss per say.
i will tell you about one…you will just have to come to your own conclusion about the other 🙂

have you ever had one of those moments, where you notice something someone did, thought it was great… and debated whether or not to tell them how it made you feel?

well next time it happens…please make sure you do.

a friend of mine told me that she reads my blog…and i really had no idea that she did.
she told me i was an amazing writer, and continued complimenting my writing.  she told me i was witty, funny and touched her heart.
she told me i should do something with it.
i think i felt my heart skip a beat.


people have told me i have a talent.  these are people that love me, who are part of my daily life.  aren’t they a little obligated to tell me so? lol
this person, just came right out and threw me for a loop.
she made my day…
and if she is reading…i thank you.

i woke up feeling great yesterday.  that’s right…not one slight pain in my back. (knock on wood)
of course sitting in a chair for 8 hours was a little uncomfortable…but it’s always that way…bad back or not.

so i came home and i had a great work out.  no, a kick ass work out.
i was so in to it and nothing was stopping me.
and for the first time in what seems like forever…i loved it.  i think i was actually smiling while i was working out.
when your body has no limitations…it’s amazing how hard it can work…and how awesome you can feel.
it was just absolutely amazing…and i realized once again how much i love my work outs.

i also realized how cranky my back was making me.
yesterday…no pain…no cranky pants

today i am a little sore – but ask me if i care!!

the bee is back kids and she is unstoppable!

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two words

there are 2 words that i don’t generally use on a regular basis
at least not in a positive way.
those 2 words are:
gym membership.
if you read my blog you know that gyms and i are not friends.
from past experience, it was a complete waste of my money.
never mind the literal anxiety attacks i would have.
nothing is worth that kind of misery.
could i be having a change of heart?
i was talking to a friend yesterday who wants to get more active
she shares the same feelings about gyms as me….
but then we thought…what if we go together??
all of a sudden the gym doesn’t seem like a scary place to be!
going with someone will actually make me go.
i can’t stand my friend up!
we can motivate eachother and be eachother’s support.
sounds like a good idea yes?
i have two gyms literally right beside my house.
i am going to do some research and see what i can find out.
an added benefit to all this…
my company will reimburse me up to 250.00 dollars on a membership.
(hahaha i originally wrote membershit lol)
wow – did hell just freeze over?  is my butt actually going to step foot in a gym?
i am most certainly considering it.
say it ain’t so!

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take it easy

i worked out last night
(insert big round of applause here please)
after sitting on a dining room chair for most of the day working
i was amazed i could even stand erect.
i cannot believe how uncomfortable those chairs are!!!
i apologize to my friends who come over…i can’t believe i make you sit on them.
next time it’s dinner on the couch.
anyways…i have rambled.
so yes, i worked out last night.  i was very tempted to just not do it…but my body was actually craving it – imagine that.
so i took it slow.  yesterday was not about kicking ass…it was about just moving…burning calories, getting my heart rate up and breaking a sweat.
half way through my back pain was almost non existent.  it actually feels good when i am working out.
what happens afterwards we won’t even talk about – as i am sure you are sick of hearing about it.
tonight should be my ab work out…but i don’t know how possible that will be.
see…the puppy thinks it’s play time.  something about me lying on my back is an invitation for her to jump all over me and kiss and play.  for some odd reason while on the mat she thinks my ear is a chew toy.  nothing like razor sharp puppy teeth trying to Van Gogh me.
also, my pony tail must look like a tug of war toy because last time….this 10 pound dog (if that) was able to grab hold of my pony tail and physically move me!!
seriously…you can’t get mad.  how can you get mad at a little munchkin who loves you so much they just wanna play?
working out for 20 min…or being loved up by a puppy?
the decision doesn’t seem so difficult. is making me consider a gym membership lol
so we shall see how it goes.  wish me luck!

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step away from the fridge

there is something sinister about working from home.
the fridge.
it’s right beside me.
i know one thing about myself and that is…i eat when i am bored…or when the food is an arm reach away
when i need a break from the computer…i just need to walk a couple of steps, open the fridge door…and voila
yum yums!
the great thing about low carb is…you really don’t need to watch your calories…unless of course losing weight has been a difficult journey…and so i can eat and eat and not feel too long as it’s on plan.
buuuut, before i was low carbing…working from home was a terrible distraction. 
everything in that fridge was for the taking.
there are some devilish treats in the freezer.  chocolates straight from Switzerland…from my naughty, awesome friends
(thank you thank you!!!!)
i am surprised i haven’t ripped into those babies in my sleep!
on to something completely unrelated…i’ve joined the times.  i have added an rss feed app on to my ipod…so now i can stalk my favourite blogs anytime…some bed time reading perhaps?
off to check out the fridge
woop woop!

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hot mess

if you’ve come here for a good time…i say run…run while you can.
i assure you there are no rainbows beaming out of my arse today.
i am one hot mess.
a hot hormonal broken back mess
i wasn’t going to write…but i always write…right?
did you know that today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year??
i was perfectly fine until i got into my car and ended up on the highway in complete white out conditions.
i was in a snow storm from hell..and the radio stations were dismissing it as “some snow falling”
some snow falling my ASS.  it was crazy insane…i almost got into an accident…
and by the time i got into work (just after 8am) i wanted a glass of wine…or 12
then i went on line and saw something that made me cry…so of course i blogged all about that next door.
a hot mess i tell you.
i have been pretty short as of late.  this screwed up back thing is really driving me mental.
i went to bed on Friday in tears – tears i tell you.  i was in so much pain.  popped an advil and was able to sleep.
i woke up in the morning and stretched out and my back didn’t go into spasm.  i felt like myself!!!!
until i sat up that is.
seems like an old back injury decided to flare up when i wasn’t looking.
what the hell?????
my lower back was awesome..and now my left shoulder was in pain.
ugh.  just ugh.
i managed to work out 3 times last week.  it didn’t do wonders for my back..but it made my head feel better.
but it’s obvious i am not ready to throw myself back in hard core.
so what to do??
i am going to go home and feel sorry for myself for a bit.
take a nap.
get lots of puppy kisses….
and get over it.
if the back isn’t better by the end of the week…i will go to the doctor.
ok, show of hands…who have i inspired today?

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this journey

i saw someone yesterday i hadn’t seen in almost a year.

the last time i had seen her i was at the height of my – whatever you call it.

i was ill, tired, over weight and over all depressed with life as i knew it.
last year seems like a life time ago.
i don’t care who you are…when your whole life feels like shit on a stick, pasting on a fake smile, laughing the loudest in a room..
it’s just a smoke screen that i am sure alot of people can see right through.

i am not ashamed to say my life sucked ass, because as life goes…shit happens.
not all of it was bad mind you…actually i had some amazing, life altering moments…
but within myself was a multitude of negative emotions.

i think back to this time last year….and i don’t even recognize myself
who i was must have been just a figment of my imagination.

this journey has been a blessing.  it has been hard, it has reduced me to tears
it has stripped me naked to make myself brand new.
i’ve shed my old skin and have evolved into someone bigger than life.
it has been easy and life affirming.  it is a road i will never stray from…
the journey is what it’s all about.

i shed more than pounds and poor eating habits.
i took inventory of my whole life.  i got rid of things/people/thoughts that no longer served me.
it was a powerful awakening.

it is still a process.  being comfortable in my own skin.
i think it always will be.  it’s just how i am wired.  i think alot of us are.
even though there is a lot less of me, sometimes it’s hard to rewire your brain.
those on the same journey will understand what i mean by that.

i am in a good place.
scratch that.  i am in a great place.
i am sure i smile more, laugh more…god knows i love life more.
when you have your emotional/mental health in tact…it’s amazing the rewards you reap in life.


so i saw this woman…and her reaction surprised me.
her eyes widened, her jaw literally dropped…and all she said after hugging and kissing me was “holy shit”
she grabbed my waist…squeezed me and said she couldn’t believe how amazing i looked…followed by the standard “not that you never looked amazing before, but you know what i mean”
she then continued on saying i can’t believe how much weight you lost a ton of weight.
that last comment always makes me chuckle…a ton.

i really haven’t lost a ton.  honestly.
i have other blog friends that have lost a ton of weight.  Women who have lost 50-70 pounds
now they deserve a shout out.

yes i have lost weight. but i am just small. small framed,  small boned, small in height…just small.
so a ton to some people is not a ton to me.

and i was stunned for a moment.
because i didn’t expect it.  it’s been a long time since i’ve run into someone i haven’t seen for a while.

i’m sure i blushed
because no matter how much time passes…i still get shy…embarrassed at all the attention being thrown my way…
again…just how i’m wired.

i just wonder if i will ever get used to it.

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