a whole new world

in terms of numbers on a scale
i have entered a whole new world.
a new set of 10’s i like to call it.
i passed a threshold and i am ecstatic!!

i had mentioned a couple of months ago that i decided to start using the scale to my advantage
and use it as a tool.
i crunched some numbers, did some research and decided there was a number that i was comfortable being…
if of course i had to be a number.

anyways, this morning i decided to weigh in
i haven’t weighed myself since before christmas…and the number was not disappointing then.

when i went for my personal assessment at the gym…she weighed me and even then the number was good.
i factored in that it was late in the day…i was wearing heavy shoes…etc

so like i said…i weighed myself this morning…and i am in a whole new world of numbers
the last time i owned a scale was a long, long time ago…but i really don’t think the scale has shown these digits since my early 20’s!!

this is crazy!

so as far as numbers go…i am 4 pounds away from my goal weight.
4 pounds people!!!!!!

i won’t be down 4 pounds for my 1 year anniversary of low carbing, i just don’t think losing 4 pounds in 4 weeks is possible…but then again i never thought i would be where i am either!
i really don’t care what the scale says when March hits…as long as it doesn’t go up!
it’s 4 pounds…and i am in no rush to lose them.

with my mom needing emergency surgery, i am just a ball of nerves
and i could totally eat myself out of house and home
or just not eat at all…
stress is funny like that…but i wrote about that next door…and i’ll just leave it there…where it belongs.
unless of course you are the praying type and care to throw a prayer out there for her…that would be cool and appreciated.

anywhooo…4 pounds baby…4pounds!!

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5 thoughts on “a whole new world

  1. Maria

    Wow, congrats on being so close. That must feel amazing. Our journey’s are so similar. I began low carb last February and have lost 40 pounds in the last year…one painful pound at a time. Some months I only lost 2 pounds, others 4. As long as I was going in the right direction all was good. I have cheerfully and tearfully celebrated that last ‘new numbers’ from the 70’s, the 60’s, the 50’s and this week with any luck I’ll see the 40’s…which I think I was for a minute in fifth grade. Not sure how I’ll react when I hit my final goal, which is just 10 pounds away. I might collapse in tears, I might just step off and never look back. Who knows?

    1. losing bee Post author

      wow we are on similar paths aren’t we!! your weight loss is amazing Maria! there is another blogger who is going through pretty much the exact same process…i think we started a couple of days apart. i will find her link and give it to you.

  2. jmjbookblog

    Way to go, bee! It’s exciting to reach a goal and also each mile stone along the way. Definitely prayers are going out to your Mom and to you. 🙂 Hoping to hear good news on your Mom. 🙂 Hugging Kali is a good stress reducer…just not too hard! 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      thanks jm! yes it does feel good to know that i am being successful at what i put my mind to! my gosh kali is growing like a weed! she is already 4 months old!!


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