what awesome is

the Keg

with my favourite person

a big ass glass of red

sweet ambiance

prime rib with steamed veggies

great conversation

amazing service

staying on plan

just heaven

purrrrfect Friday night

awesome…just awesome

(sorry Maria lol)

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9 thoughts on “what awesome is

  1. Maria

    😀 I’m happy for you. That will be me in just a couple short weeks. As I type this my stomach is growling…you might actually be able to hear it all the way up in your neck of the woods.

  2. Maxine's Daughter

    hey bee, zig here….sounds like heaven… sigh. you go girl. my back really went out this time and did not tell me. finally got the doc to utter the magic words “spinal stenosis”…..at least there is a remedy for that. peace out, zig


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