the gym – so NOT cool

last nights gym experience was disappointing.
actually i don’t think the word disappointing covers what i am feeling.
it really sucked.
any motivation, drive, ambition, excitement i had was sucked right outta me by the end of my first visit.
i went home last night completely deflated.
it wasn’t all a complete failure.
i really liked the personal trainer that was assigned to me.
a beautiful little irish lady…she was so freakin’ cute i wanted to punch her in the face!!  so nice and she actually got my sense of humour and threw the digs right back at me.
i mean what personal trainer would explain to you the art of engaging you core is like squeezing your stomach when you feel like you gotta take a crap?  she spoke my language lol
it was confirmed rather quickly that i am injuring my own back.  you know how i’ve been complaining non stop about my sore back?
i am not working out properly.
so basically all this kick ass work i’ve been doing at home – i’ve been doing wrong.  i was initially disappointed…but on reflection…it still worked to a degree…cause i have muscles i never knew existed…and i have lost weight.
i am also disappointed by my stamina.  i am not as fit as i believed to be. this morning i woke up with a new mind set…i am not as disappointed because i will be going to the gym to build up my stamina.
So the training was good.  we were told that we would learn how to use the equipment…but that was a lie.  a big fat lie.
but i will get to that.
So we finished with the training…and let me just add that my friend and i went together.  usually one person gets an hour to themselves but because we went together we got an hour and a half.  whatever.  but i will come back to that too
then we are told we are off to talk to this guy M.  I asked why…and she said it’s just what you do after the fit test…go over your results.
We went in the room and the guy turned me off pretty much right away.  he spoke about us like we weren’t even in the room.
referring to us as “she, her, they”…but never talked TO us.
well…not until money became the topic of conversation.
In a nut shell…cause god knows i could go on about this forever…
he literally told us we would not be successful without being trained.
he also said we would not lose weight or tone without a personal trainer.
he also told us that we had a full hour on the floor with the trainer and we were lucky to have that…when our personal trainer told us just not even 15 min before that she was sorry she couldn’t give us the time she gives most people because there were 2 of us.
He also told us that he counts on people joining and not showing up…or people not using a personal trainer cause it puts money into the gym and people still stay overweight.
who says that?????
I would love nothing more than to have a personal trainer.  obviously who wouldn’t???
Apparently even to learn how to use the machines you need a personal trainer.  whatever.
I cannot afford over 100 bucks a month to get ONE training session every two weeks. 
he gave us guilt and grief about being committed to our health…which at that point i had just about enough.
i told him by me sitting in this chair in front of him spoke volumes about my commitment…that i made the huge step of joining a gym for a year because i was committed to my health.
he pissed me right off.
i walked out of that gym with that voice in my head telling me… wow – wasted money…because i am too intimidated to ever go back.  a whole year of payments for nothing.
then i thought of my daddy.  5 years ago i was in an accident on the 401 going to my home town for my brothers engagement party.  i spun outta control and hit the concrete barrier.  Some dood cut me off twice.  So i was about 20 min away from my parents place. I called my dad to tell him what happened.  my dad asked if i was ok, then he asked if the car was driveable…and then he told me to get in and drive.
best advice he ever gave me.
Had i waited for him to rescue me…i honestly believe that today i would have a fear of driving.
but because i got back in right away…i faced my fears head on
thank you daddy 🙂
So i am going back to the gym.  I am going to work out.  I don’t see how i won’t be able to tone my body or sculpt my muscles…when they actually have classes for that…that are part of my membership AND have instructors that will correct you when you are doing something wrong.
I almost gave up…and i still feel really uncomfortable walking back in there.
but my attitude?  i don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone says.
oh…and the woman who trained us?  she pulled us aside after and said any help we need she will give us.  just to look for her on the floor and she will do whatever she can to see us succeed.
and you know what?  that comment in itself makes me want to give her money to train me…
cause she cares.
ugh..have i gone off?  have you stayed with me or have you fallen asleep? lol
back to the gym tomorrow and then off to enroll in some classes.
i am not a failure.  i never have been and never will be.
so a big fat screw you M.
nobody is going to run me out of that gym.
phewww, i feel worlds better now thank you!

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9 thoughts on “the gym – so NOT cool

  1. lb

    i think u guys should complain to the management about their practices and M in particular.
    if you are paying money and promised at least the basics, u should get that.. u were told something, and got something else. u shouldn’t sit quietly on that.

  2. Maria

    That dude’s funky ass attitude certainly does not define you or your choices. You don’t even have to talk to that guy ever again. But, I think the company might want to hear how he is representing the company. You’re off to a great start….and smart not to let that one, first impression spoil the whole thing. You’ll find your groove. You just keep on, keepin’ on. 😀

  3. Susan

    Wow, how totally off-putting. That guy must have a very, very tiny penis.

    Your attitude, however, is fantastic. Do not give up…and don’t be uncomfortable about walking in there. I think most of us feel that way walking into gyms. But you have guts, focus and a goal.
    And I love your father’s advice after the accident.

    You keep going, Bee!! Your blogging sisters are with you.

  4. jmjbookblog

    I’m sorry that the guy spoiled your first day. I have a feeling that part of that guy’s job is to make money for the gym by manipulating people into paying for the extra cost for a personal trainer. You can go back with your head held high…be a shining example that you can reach your goal without a personal trainer…give them a real STING, bee! 🙂 You Go Girl! 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      i’m sure that is his job…that’s why i would never complain to management. we are back at the gym today. i am so sore from the last time though
      god help me! lol


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