the first day of cool

yes…today is my first day at the gym.
my first day of my new “cool”

my work out clothes are neatly folded on my dresser, waiting for me when the work day is done.
my runners are dusted off…they have only been used…a little…cause well they look good with my jeans on dress down day.
i’ve tried to memorize the three digits on the lock  i just bought…you’d think i would remember it…alas…old age has taken over

so i am ready and nervous and scared and excited and…and…and
oh god i’m gonna hurl.

it’s like the first day of school…but i am sooo much cooler now lol
hard to believe I KNOW!!!

in my late teens and early to mid twenties
the cool thing to do was to go to clubs and party all night long
drink the boys under the table
and sleep all day…and then do it all over the next

for my prom…all i had to do to lose a dress size
was twitch my nose and voila
a size two was born.
you know why?
cause i was cool

i look at dessert and i gain 5 pounds.
the thought of going to a club and keepin’ up with the boys makes me sleepy..and anxious
and two glasses of wine is over my limit (ok i thought about it…i can do more than 2 glasses hello) and it takes me three times as long to recover.

sure…you young bucks reading this must think i am so lame
but haven’t you heard?
that the bird is the word?
i mean…the new cool is the gym.
seriously…look it up!

i have finally figured out in my old age
that eating healthy + working out…

so wish me luck…and hope i fit in with the cool kids…
who am i kidding…they’ll looooove me!
(And yessss…that pic i posted could be me!)

and as for my post from yesterday?
about my boobies?
my bra pusher sent me another picture.  2 bras are on their way to me. 85% off
god help me
she knows my drug.  she feeds my drug
i love her.

and for more unrelated bee news
did you know i have a myspace account?
cause i sure as hell forgot i did.  lol.  i rediscovered it last night.
oh…mind, why do you fail me so?

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8 thoughts on “the first day of cool

  1. Maria

    Good morning….thanks for the smile. I hear you on all counts. One glass of wine is my limit before I pass out. I’m a cheap date and when my husband takes the time off of work to take me to a movie, that’s usually enough romance to get me in the mood. 😉 Ahhh, the simplicity in life at this ripe age of 44…it’s lovely. 🙂

  2. elizabethfrank123

    I’m sure you’ll be fine, you’ll look so fly in your new gear and everyone else will think you’re a pro even if you don’t feel much like one! haha

  3. jmjbookblog

    I hope you had an awesome workout at the gym first day…you’ll have to replace today’s pix with one of you! 🙂 You Go Girl! 🙂


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