Daily Archives: January 23, 2011

the ellen show

if you do one thing this Monday…it should be….
watching the Ellen show!!!

my crazy, tiny, funny, beautiful friend will be on there!!!

She submiited a photo of her from grade 9.
Holy hair!!!!
I guess this segment is about really bad hair…cause this is reallllly bad hair lol

i think she submitted her pic, and the Ellen show contacted her right away and flew her right out.

For years i have been wanting to get to meet Ellen..who knew the secret was in big hair?
had i known that i wouldn’t have been so against it when i was younger.
you know what they say…the higher the hair, the closer to god 🙂

she has crazy, amazing energy…it’s difficult to ever be in a bad mood around her.

Congrats Keri!!  you totally rock my socks!!!
Will you still love me when you are famous? lol

take a look at this clip and you will see exactly what i mean – click here.

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