yesterday was just one of those days.

the kind where you have a perma grin on your face, no matter how many complicated things are thrown your way.
a complete 180 from the day before.

i could probably make a million posts out of the past 24 hours…but i shall only post one here.

i received two compliments that stuck with me yesterday.
no, nothing about my physical transformation, or my willpower, or anything related to health and weight loss per say.
i will tell you about one…you will just have to come to your own conclusion about the other 🙂

have you ever had one of those moments, where you notice something someone did, thought it was great… and debated whether or not to tell them how it made you feel?

well next time it happens…please make sure you do.

a friend of mine told me that she reads my blog…and i really had no idea that she did.
she told me i was an amazing writer, and continued complimenting my writing.  she told me i was witty, funny and touched her heart.
she told me i should do something with it.
i think i felt my heart skip a beat.


people have told me i have a talent.  these are people that love me, who are part of my daily life.  aren’t they a little obligated to tell me so? lol
this person, just came right out and threw me for a loop.
she made my day…
and if she is reading…i thank you.

i woke up feeling great yesterday.  that’s right…not one slight pain in my back. (knock on wood)
of course sitting in a chair for 8 hours was a little uncomfortable…but it’s always that way…bad back or not.

so i came home and i had a great work out.  no, a kick ass work out.
i was so in to it and nothing was stopping me.
and for the first time in what seems like forever…i loved it.  i think i was actually smiling while i was working out.
when your body has no limitations…it’s amazing how hard it can work…and how awesome you can feel.
it was just absolutely amazing…and i realized once again how much i love my work outs.

i also realized how cranky my back was making me.
yesterday…no pain…no cranky pants

today i am a little sore – but ask me if i care!!

the bee is back kids and she is unstoppable!

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4 thoughts on “bliss

  1. jmjbookblog

    You go girl! 🙂 It was wonderful of that person to tell you how great a writer you are in your posts…but I already knew that and everyone else who visits you daily does too. You make us laugh and smile and also you make us shed a tear when the subject is touching and close to the heart. Thanks for just being you, bee! 🙂 You Rock!!!

  2. Susan

    That was lovely….so glad that you got to experience all that because it is certainly justified…and the lack of back pain, wowee. I haven’t “lacked” back pain for several incarnations. Keep that momentum going. Great post!!


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