two words

there are 2 words that i don’t generally use on a regular basis
at least not in a positive way.
those 2 words are:
gym membership.
if you read my blog you know that gyms and i are not friends.
from past experience, it was a complete waste of my money.
never mind the literal anxiety attacks i would have.
nothing is worth that kind of misery.
could i be having a change of heart?
i was talking to a friend yesterday who wants to get more active
she shares the same feelings about gyms as me….
but then we thought…what if we go together??
all of a sudden the gym doesn’t seem like a scary place to be!
going with someone will actually make me go.
i can’t stand my friend up!
we can motivate eachother and be eachother’s support.
sounds like a good idea yes?
i have two gyms literally right beside my house.
i am going to do some research and see what i can find out.
an added benefit to all this…
my company will reimburse me up to 250.00 dollars on a membership.
(hahaha i originally wrote membershit lol)
wow – did hell just freeze over?  is my butt actually going to step foot in a gym?
i am most certainly considering it.
say it ain’t so!

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12 thoughts on “two words

  1. Maria

    Good luck. I hate gyms….I have an unnatural phobia to touching other people’s sweat. LOL!!! I have a treadmill, an exercise ball and a dog. That’s all I need. 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      Maria, don’t even get me started lol. i have a thing about sweat…and other people’s bodily functions lol. seriously…i thought about the gross sweat. they have cleaners there that you are supposed to use when you are done with the equipment. i assure you…i will scrub my body raw in the shower when i get home! i wish i had a treadmill at home 😦

  2. ziggy

    please consider the “Y” if possible… you will meet a nicer class of people as most Y’s have social impact programs on the neighborhood, like mine does. i am lucky – i live 2 blocks from a fantastic “Y” that is doubling in size in order to serve the community better. they have awesome facilities, and most memberships run about a dollar a day. Now if we can waste money on stuff we really don’t need, can’t we afford a dollar a day to meet new friends, get in shape, and support the community???? peace, zig

    1. losing bee Post author

      great idea zig and one i have considered before! unfortunately there is not one even remotely close to me. it would be quite the commute. i think eventually i would just stop going you know? this one i am checking out is literally a 2 minute walk away. i am glad you like it so much!

  3. ziggy

    i have not been to the Y for a couple of months, i must admit, but I won’t cancel my membership, ’cause i plan to start going back in the PM for yoga and pilates and other stretchy stuff. I did find my old pilates
    instructor who set me up with a home program with dumbbells, bands, and floor mat. I also have a pilates machine and a minitramp…being a “professional picker” since i am retired – i spent less than $200 – with the pilates machine being $150 – but they retail for about 350. it’s like one of those machines chuck norris sells, only with no incline. it really does help my back Bee…. if you want more info ask me. peace, zig

    1. losing bee Post author

      i love pilates zig…at least i used to. i stopped when i picked up turbo jam. sounds like you have your own pilates centre at home! lol.
      you got some good finds!


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