Daily Archives: January 20, 2011

two words

there are 2 words that i don’t generally use on a regular basis
at least not in a positive way.
those 2 words are:
gym membership.
if you read my blog you know that gyms and i are not friends.
from past experience, it was a complete waste of my money.
never mind the literal anxiety attacks i would have.
nothing is worth that kind of misery.
could i be having a change of heart?
i was talking to a friend yesterday who wants to get more active
she shares the same feelings about gyms as me….
but then we thought…what if we go together??
all of a sudden the gym doesn’t seem like a scary place to be!
going with someone will actually make me go.
i can’t stand my friend up!
we can motivate eachother and be eachother’s support.
sounds like a good idea yes?
i have two gyms literally right beside my house.
i am going to do some research and see what i can find out.
an added benefit to all this…
my company will reimburse me up to 250.00 dollars on a membership.
(hahaha i originally wrote membershit lol)
wow – did hell just freeze over?  is my butt actually going to step foot in a gym?
i am most certainly considering it.
say it ain’t so!

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