hot mess

if you’ve come here for a good time…i say run…run while you can.
i assure you there are no rainbows beaming out of my arse today.
i am one hot mess.
a hot hormonal broken back mess
i wasn’t going to write…but i always write…right?
did you know that today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year??
i was perfectly fine until i got into my car and ended up on the highway in complete white out conditions.
i was in a snow storm from hell..and the radio stations were dismissing it as “some snow falling”
some snow falling my ASS.  it was crazy insane…i almost got into an accident…
and by the time i got into work (just after 8am) i wanted a glass of wine…or 12
then i went on line and saw something that made me cry…so of course i blogged all about that next door.
a hot mess i tell you.
i have been pretty short as of late.  this screwed up back thing is really driving me mental.
i went to bed on Friday in tears – tears i tell you.  i was in so much pain.  popped an advil and was able to sleep.
i woke up in the morning and stretched out and my back didn’t go into spasm.  i felt like myself!!!!
until i sat up that is.
seems like an old back injury decided to flare up when i wasn’t looking.
what the hell?????
my lower back was awesome..and now my left shoulder was in pain.
ugh.  just ugh.
i managed to work out 3 times last week.  it didn’t do wonders for my back..but it made my head feel better.
but it’s obvious i am not ready to throw myself back in hard core.
so what to do??
i am going to go home and feel sorry for myself for a bit.
take a nap.
get lots of puppy kisses….
and get over it.
if the back isn’t better by the end of the week…i will go to the doctor.
ok, show of hands…who have i inspired today?

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7 thoughts on “hot mess

  1. elizabethfrank123

    My mum has similar problems with her back so she has to be careful with how much working out she does. Your back has got to last you the rest of your life, make sure you look after it! – Bess

  2. jmjbookblog

    You always inspire me, bee! 🙂 Your unstoppable spirit always shows through! 🙂 I hope your shoulder/back feel better soon. But in the meantime get lots of puppy kisses from your adorable baby girl, Kali. Got any new pix of the cutie? 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      thanks jm 🙂 Kali is a holy terror at times and a lover at others. she has grown so much it’s insane!!! i will get some pictures on my computer and share!

  3. ziggy

    Dear Bee – get yourself some “BIOFREEZE” let me tell you i’ve used everything from actual “horse liniment”
    and everything else out there, but this stuff is the best. The Chiro used it on my backside when i wrecked it falling off my bicycle…along with ultrasound treatments… it really really works. I think it’s available – I got some at the local swapmart. Take care of yourself. Zig

    1. losing bee Post author

      thanks Zig. i will look that up on line…see if we have it here in Canada…i think the best bet is to head to the doctor and stop being such a tough chick! lol

      1. ziggy

        quickie… yeah, xrays don’t lie if there is something going on there. i need to have my backside checked out too….you are a tough chickie, but we love you for it….peace, zig

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