yeah i said it
i wanna talk about boobies.
mine really.
don’t worry, this isn’t a picture post!

i’ve sorta been obsessed with my boobs lately.
sounds odd i know…but stay with me.

let me tell you a story

i was a late bloomer.

i remember being a kid and trying on my moms bras
yes…weird i know.
when i was 6 i prayed to God to have boobies like my grandma – to say she was big chested is an understatement.
i would shut my eyes tight and just pray.

i remember being 13-14 years old and making my mom take me shopping for training bras
i really didn’t need them.  at all.
ask the boys i went to school with…especially a guy named Troy.  his nick name for me was “mosquito bites”
that spread like wild fire.
all the other girls needed to wear them…and when i changed for gym class i wanted to be wearing one too.

enter grade 9.
something happened to me the summer before grade 9 started.
i blossomed.
and i don’t mean budded…i mean i grew a woman’s body over night.

be careful what you wish for.
my bounty was plentiful
my cup runneth over.

all of a sudden people noticed me
and by people i mean boys.
all of a sudden i was asked out.
it was all about the “girls”

i was blessed in the boob department.
i hated it.
the saying, you always want what you don’t have is true.

i wore baggy shirts to draw the least amount of attention to them
i hated feeling like i was an object
i hated my boobs.

but then i realized…people would stare no matter what i was wearing
and so i embraced my boobie-liciousness
wore tight shirts and was proud of ’em.

i was envious of the girls who could wear t-shirts with no bras
those were the kind of boobs i wanted.

a few years ago…when i lost a ton of weight…i was finally, for the first time…since i was 15
able to rock a shirt with no bra.
i think i might have cried a bit.

then, but of course, i gained some weight back over the years…and voila
the girls were back baby.

this time around…i lost alot of the girls.  a hell of a lot.
i actually spent about 200 bucks on new bras before i started low carbing…and 3 months later i needed a new supply.

my boobs are no longer plentiful…
really….i wear a size small sports bra now and it’s loose.
i think the constant up and down on the weight ladder
has confused them…
depressed them
they are just not as perky as they used to be 🙂
they no longer stand at attention like…oh…when i was 17.
and yes, i am sure aging hasn’t helped.

i could wear a tshirt without a bra…but i don’t think i would punish the general public
they did nothing wrong.

i have been anti any kind of surgery that “fixes” what age takes away, but seriously…
these past couple of weeks i have been boobie obsessed
and have been thinking a little lift and tuck might not be a bad thing

and this has been an ode to my boobies.

this blog has been brought to you by the letter C and numbers 3 and 4.

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11 thoughts on “boobies

  1. lunachyq

    OH, how I understand what you’re saying. I lost a large amount of weight back in 99. For the first time since I was 14 I could fit into a C cup and I can’t tell you how happy I was! Now? Well, this most recent weight gain hasn’t been kind. I fully support your thoughts on a little lifting. All we’d be doing is making what we’ve got just a little better. And perkier 🙂

  2. Maria

    Let me just start by saying you made me smile today. Big time. I blossomed very early in life and got scads of attention starting in 4th grade which affected both my self esteem and my posture. It’s fair to say I know exactly what you are talking about here. I have been self conscious of my boobies my whole life….until recently. 🙂 I was a 38DD and now I’m a loud and proud, stick em’ out there 34C. With the help of Victoria’s secret, I’m all about how perfect things are in that area right now. I’m a bit nervous about losing 20 pounds, but keeping my fingers crossed I stay a C. 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      i couldn’t imagine developing so young! i had a hard time with the attention at 15, never mind 4th grade. “loud and proud stick em’ out there 34C” that made me laugh!! hahaha!
      we just got Victoria Secret in Canada over the summer…haven’t been yet. but i gotta tell you i love the bras i currently wear. talk about keeping the girls happy!!

  3. ziggy

    OMG -reading my life again! Here’s my story – same as ya’ll – 38DD at 14. I was NEVER lonely for male companionship as a young adult, and it helped in my chosen early profession – cocktail waitress!!
    Gaining and Losing over the years was not kind….had them “shortened” in 2001, but they were still hard C’s (surgeons can only remove so many grams – she laughed when I requested B’s). Getting down to a normal BMI made a difference…..and weight training DOES help…..I am extremely happy with my old 12 year old bod – unfortunately my FACE is still 60…..but that’s another story. I can now RUN (or at least sprint) for the first time in 50 years without hitting myself in the chin). Bee – we saw that pic of you recently posted, and YOU ARE AWESOME BABY!!!!

    1. losing bee Post author

      wow ziggy!! i couldn’t imagine having 38DD at such a young age!!! i also waitressed, i got some good tips lol. you go girl…you are doing freaking amazing!!!

  4. ziggy

    got my mammogram torture tomorrow – yippee 4 years cancer free… boobies don’t match anymore – one is a B, the other a B minus……it’s all good if you wake up in the morning and they are still there!!!

  5. jmjbookblog

    I seem to be the opposite of everyone else…the best I ever did was 34B…when I was married my ex used to call them ‘scrambled eggs’! My teen idols were models like Jean Schrimpton and Twiggy…I was so into Mary Quant fashions during the Beatles hey days…I was glad I was 34A in my teens and early twenties…then the kiddies came along and gave me a ‘B’! 🙂


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