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yeah i said it
i wanna talk about boobies.
mine really.
don’t worry, this isn’t a picture post!

i’ve sorta been obsessed with my boobs lately.
sounds odd i know…but stay with me.

let me tell you a story

i was a late bloomer.

i remember being a kid and trying on my moms bras
yes…weird i know.
when i was 6 i prayed to God to have boobies like my grandma – to say she was big chested is an understatement.
i would shut my eyes tight and just pray.

i remember being 13-14 years old and making my mom take me shopping for training bras
i really didn’t need them.  at all.
ask the boys i went to school with…especially a guy named Troy.  his nick name for me was “mosquito bites”
that spread like wild fire.
all the other girls needed to wear them…and when i changed for gym class i wanted to be wearing one too.

enter grade 9.
something happened to me the summer before grade 9 started.
i blossomed.
and i don’t mean budded…i mean i grew a woman’s body over night.

be careful what you wish for.
my bounty was plentiful
my cup runneth over.

all of a sudden people noticed me
and by people i mean boys.
all of a sudden i was asked out.
it was all about the “girls”

i was blessed in the boob department.
i hated it.
the saying, you always want what you don’t have is true.

i wore baggy shirts to draw the least amount of attention to them
i hated feeling like i was an object
i hated my boobs.

but then i realized…people would stare no matter what i was wearing
and so i embraced my boobie-liciousness
wore tight shirts and was proud of ’em.

i was envious of the girls who could wear t-shirts with no bras
those were the kind of boobs i wanted.

a few years ago…when i lost a ton of weight…i was finally, for the first time…since i was 15
able to rock a shirt with no bra.
i think i might have cried a bit.

then, but of course, i gained some weight back over the years…and voila
the girls were back baby.

this time around…i lost alot of the girls.  a hell of a lot.
i actually spent about 200 bucks on new bras before i started low carbing…and 3 months later i needed a new supply.

my boobs are no longer plentiful…
really….i wear a size small sports bra now and it’s loose.
i think the constant up and down on the weight ladder
has confused them…
depressed them
they are just not as perky as they used to be 🙂
they no longer stand at attention like…oh…when i was 17.
and yes, i am sure aging hasn’t helped.

i could wear a tshirt without a bra…but i don’t think i would punish the general public
they did nothing wrong.

i have been anti any kind of surgery that “fixes” what age takes away, but seriously…
these past couple of weeks i have been boobie obsessed
and have been thinking a little lift and tuck might not be a bad thing

and this has been an ode to my boobies.

this blog has been brought to you by the letter C and numbers 3 and 4.

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