the bee special

sometimes staying on plan requires alot of creative thinking.

at work our selection at lunch is pretty good…but there are days that all there is to eat is pizza, or sandwiches…or pasta.
nothing i can put in this belly of mine.

so i got on a breadless sandwich kick.

when options are limited i tend to get
chicken salad or egg salad
with slices of cucumber and 2 slices of swiss cheese.
a sandwich without the bread 🙂 – and a side salad of course.
i actually put a slice of cheese between two cucumber slices and eat that as a sandwich
oh yes…people laugh…but i don’t care
even when the head honcho eats with us…i see him watching me..eating my cucumber sandwich
he even announced one day that he loves eating with us, cause he is always curious as to what i will be bringing to the table. lol

anyways it’s filling and tasty…and a perfect amount of food for lunch.

i am used to the comments or the looks…the sarcasm from my coworkers, but they all love me and accept me for who i am…cause helloooo…i am me 🙂

i’ve been eating this way forever…
and normally sit with the same people every day.

so imagine my absolute delight yesterday…while getting a burger minus the bun and steamed veggies (yummmm!) i head over to cash out and see TWO of my fellow employees in line…
and they are eating…
wait for it…

the bee special.

and yes that’s how they asked for it!!!!!!
(well instead of bee they used my real name, but you get the point i’m sure!)

they asked the cafeteria lady for the bee special and she knew exactly what they were talking about!

how awesome is that???
they said i am obviously doing something right…so why not try it!

i am really impressed ladies…extremely so.

ok, so one lady had a bag of chips and some cookies on her tray too.
i chose to look the other way.  baby steps my friends, baby steps.

but hey..rome wasn’t built in a day right?

soon i shall rule the world and banish bread forever

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9 thoughts on “the bee special

  1. jmjbookblog

    Awesome post, bee! 🙂 I LOVE it! I’m thinking about rolling up a slice of swiss cheese filled with tuna salad! But since I am not employed right now I can’t go to the cafeteria and as for the ‘bee special’…but I’ll be thinking it in my head! 🙂 You Go Girl! 🙂

  2. Maria

    LOL!!!! I think that is AWESOME!!! You and I are on the same diet. Today for lunch, I have chicken salad and sliced cucumbers. I use the cucumbers as crackers. I too get teased, but 70 pounds later, they don’t tease very long before they say, “hey…must be working!” You are being a great influence. It’s contagious. Congrats! So, how much weight have you lost? I’m dying to know.

    1. losing bee Post author

      lets keep eachother motivated!!
      i would be glad to share with you how much i have lost – i am actually saving that info till my one year comes up in March
      (but i would tell you via email if you like)
      Sadly, i have found that people are extremely judgemental in the world of weight loss..but i am going to suck it up and announce to the world how well i have done for ME.
      I can tell you that it is no where nearly as impressive as your loss. not even close.
      you should be extremely proud of yourself Maria…that is an amazing accomplishment!!!

      1. Maria

        Email? Yep… You are definitely inspiring me. I quietly dedicate my blog today to you, because you inspired me to write it. I’ve had to learn a lot about myself in order to lose this weight and not gain it back. With every pound I had to let old beliefs go with it so it didn’t sabotage me later in life. Thanks for letting me be a part of your journey. If I can be at all inspiring, I’m up for the task! 🙂

      2. losing bee Post author

        you are so very kind 🙂
        if anything you are a total inspiration. i am still trying to wrap my mind around losing 70 pounds! the dedication and willpower that takes…just wow!! i am off to go read your blog now… been waiting all afternoon to do so!

  3. ziggy

    omg i love you because you make me laugh. good endorphins. so much bad stuff esp where i reside so the laughter helps. living in a healthy body is a new experience for me, bee. got in touch with a personal trainer who was amazed at my 50+ lb transformation since she saw me last…..she’s into good nutrition too, and it’s great to see someone else motivated to feel good. peace, love and happiness. Zig

    1. losing bee Post author

      i’m sorry you have so much crap where you are ziggy, but very happy that i can make you smile!!!! 50 pounds is ahh-maaa-zing…everyone should be in awe of you. that is not an easy thing to accomplish.
      and way to go on the personal trainer…have you been in my brain??? i have been quietly contemplating that…but i have issues with gyms, so i dunno…decisions decisions!

      1. ziggy

        great read to pass on to all = chopra – ultimate happiess rx – bee – we Do think alike, or at least the same things amuse both of us….you must be the daughter i never had….lol….pray for AZ – we NEED it. peace, zig

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