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the bee special

sometimes staying on plan requires alot of creative thinking.

at work our selection at lunch is pretty good…but there are days that all there is to eat is pizza, or sandwiches…or pasta.
nothing i can put in this belly of mine.

so i got on a breadless sandwich kick.

when options are limited i tend to get
chicken salad or egg salad
with slices of cucumber and 2 slices of swiss cheese.
a sandwich without the bread 🙂 – and a side salad of course.
i actually put a slice of cheese between two cucumber slices and eat that as a sandwich
oh yes…people laugh…but i don’t care
even when the head honcho eats with us…i see him watching me..eating my cucumber sandwich
he even announced one day that he loves eating with us, cause he is always curious as to what i will be bringing to the table. lol

anyways it’s filling and tasty…and a perfect amount of food for lunch.

i am used to the comments or the looks…the sarcasm from my coworkers, but they all love me and accept me for who i am…cause helloooo…i am me 🙂

i’ve been eating this way forever…
and normally sit with the same people every day.

so imagine my absolute delight yesterday…while getting a burger minus the bun and steamed veggies (yummmm!) i head over to cash out and see TWO of my fellow employees in line…
and they are eating…
wait for it…

the bee special.

and yes that’s how they asked for it!!!!!!
(well instead of bee they used my real name, but you get the point i’m sure!)

they asked the cafeteria lady for the bee special and she knew exactly what they were talking about!

how awesome is that???
they said i am obviously doing something right…so why not try it!

i am really impressed ladies…extremely so.

ok, so one lady had a bag of chips and some cookies on her tray too.
i chose to look the other way.  baby steps my friends, baby steps.

but hey..rome wasn’t built in a day right?

soon i shall rule the world and banish bread forever

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