just a question

i was just thinking – unusual i know 🙂

this has nothing to do with working out – but i’m going to ask anyways cause i am curious.

how do you protect your writing?

I mean this is the world-wide web, and i have been victim to people “borrowing” my writing, ya know, using it as something they wrote themselves on their blog.  the nerve!

I get that more with the blog next door than over here.

anyways, i used to mail myself my writing.  mostly my poetry or personal rambles.  a writer once told me to do that to copyright my work.

now, if  and when i am writing…i will log in to an email account and write it there and then send it off to myself.  that’s gotta count no?

i am just really curious about that so i thought i would ask you guys.

i lied…i guess this is a bit of a work out kinda blog.  Going to take the little Diva to petsmart today so she can go shopping – again!
She will have me running around for sure.  hey, at least she gets me to burn calories.

Happy Sunday to you all 🙂

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5 thoughts on “just a question

  1. jmjbookblog

    Wow! I never thought that someone could steal from a blog and then print it on their own blog. How did you find out? But their post date would have to be AFTER yours so wouldn’t that prove that it was yours originally when the dates of both blogs were checked? I know with my YA novel I paid to register it with the US Government Copy Right office…just in case it ever becomes famous! lol I’m curious to know so please post if you find out the legal issues with ‘stealing’ someone elses writing. Have fun at Petsmart with your ‘little Diva’…how cute you give her nicknames! Please post more pix of the little sweetie…hugs to you and your baby girl! 🙂

    1. losing bee Post author

      out of curiousity i did a random google search of titles of my blog. i did catch a couple people doing it and called them out on it and they removed the post. scary tho isn’t it? i am just wondering what kind of documentation u would need if things escalated and you had to prove the writing was yours.


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