Daily Archives: January 9, 2011

just a question

i was just thinking – unusual i know 🙂

this has nothing to do with working out – but i’m going to ask anyways cause i am curious.

how do you protect your writing?

I mean this is the world-wide web, and i have been victim to people “borrowing” my writing, ya know, using it as something they wrote themselves on their blog.  the nerve!

I get that more with the blog next door than over here.

anyways, i used to mail myself my writing.  mostly my poetry or personal rambles.  a writer once told me to do that to copyright my work.

now, if  and when i am writing…i will log in to an email account and write it there and then send it off to myself.  that’s gotta count no?

i am just really curious about that so i thought i would ask you guys.

i lied…i guess this is a bit of a work out kinda blog.  Going to take the little Diva to petsmart today so she can go shopping – again!
She will have me running around for sure.  hey, at least she gets me to burn calories.

Happy Sunday to you all 🙂

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