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the crow

that was the yoga pose i was talking about in yesterday’s blog
now you can see how it’s possible to fall flat on your face?

anyways, i had the chance to actually do my yoga work out last night.
the dvd i bought ages ago has 3 different exercises
1) the total body fat burner work out – 20 min
2) the ab work out – 10 min
3) the leg work out – 10 min

the only one i had ever done on the dvd was the ab work out…cause lets face it…i’m over 30 and i want a sexy belly!!

so i decided i would do the 20 minute full on body fat burner.  It was only 20 minutes, like please…i doubted i would even feel the work out
I am able to do 45 minutes of cardio, a 20 min hard core ab work out and can walk 5 miles
this 20 min yoga would be a walk in the park!!!

i should never assume…
yoga totally kicked my ass.

after the 20 minutes, my body had the same reaction as doing a 45 minute cardio work out
i was sweaty, out of breath and my muscles felt like jello.
who knew????

yoga looks so graceful. so “easy”
it is graceful, but i assure you it’s not easy.
do you know how hard it is to do some of the moves and hold the positions?
i loved it!!!!

my body feels it today.  how many muscles do i have???
every new work out i attempt brings aches to muscles i never knew existed.

now i need to learn how to incorporate yoga into my work out routine.
but how??
i can’t and won’t work out 7 days a week…so some strategic planning needs to happen.

i’d write more, but the baby is awake 🙂

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